Friday I’m in Love

12 Feb

My week started out very rough but I got through it! Glad to be on to Friday with a  visitor on her way next week!



LuLaRoe!  Have you heard of them yet?  It’s a clothing line that is So Super Comfortable!  I bought these leggings from a facebook shop late last week and couldn’t stop wearing them last weekend! Check them out and find a local retailer.  i love them.



White rice, toast and bananas were my diet of choice on Monday following some lovely sickness that started Sunday night.  Britton was in Miami and I was left to my own devices and when you don’t feel good, and you’re all alone, this is the best option.  And honestly it was delicious despite the bland-ness of the day!


I absolutely love to plan vacations.  This week I got to plan a weekend getaway with my sister Kristen scheduled for the second week in March.  Originally we were planned to go to Asheville but flights got hairy and so we changed locations to a north georgia road trip.  We’ve got three stops, Athens, Helen and Chattanooga, and we’re both looking forward to hours in the car having sisser time and hopefully a lot of outdoor adventures! Can’t wait!


Looking forward to an awesome weekend with friends and my awesome hubs!  Hope you enjoy your Valentine’s weekend too!

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