Friday I’m in Love

18 Mar

Yeay it’s Friday! And my Britton is back in town after a week of travel.


I am so in love with the waterfalls of the north Georgia mountains.  Last weekend on my Sisser weekend road trip we had the opportunity to hike to 3 different waterfalls.  They’re everywhere in those mountains and I wish we could have seen more.  BUT what we did see was pretty amazing.  If we had those beautiful hikes down here in Florida that’s where I would be every day. Hiking.


I have done a smidgen of maternity shopping (the rest I got from my good friend Kendra) and I love the dress selection on Zulily.  I have gotten a handful of Pink Blush dresses which are usually pretty spendy.  The selection on Zulily is always changing and its great to have a sale site with maternity specific (and baby) clothes!



I had the great pleasure this week of voting in the primary elections in Florida. Its a privilege to live in a place where women have the right to vote and despite my lack of enthusiasm for really any one candidate I was glad to have the opportunity to vote. It will be an interesting year for sure and this is an important election year.  Come November, I hope to see record numbers at the polls (hopefully voting for my candidate ;))


I’ve been having a throwback week listening to a lot of Imagine Dragons second album. It’s really the best to listen to on longer trips in the car where I can really get into belting out the music!  Favorite song right now is The Fall.  There’s no music video to share but you can listen to it anywhere. It’s awesome.

Have a great weekend friends!





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