Friday I’m in Love

1 Apr


Britton and I had so much fun last weekend exploring Central Florida.  Our first stop on Saturday was to Hollow Brook Farms where we picked 2 lbs of strawberries!  I’ve been strawberry pickin’ since I was a kid but this was my first experience at a hydroponics farm and it was so fun!  I do miss the old Pappy’s Patch out in Oviedo but it isn’t the same these days anyway.  But this local farm did the trick and we had a blast!


Next we made our way to Adjectives Unhinged in search of a bed frame.  We didn’t find a frame but we did find a dresser that will become our baby’s dresser and changing table! Wrapped into the price of the piece was a total redo so I don’t want to show pictures yet but just know, it will be amazing.


We headed from Unhinged to College Park to try out a fresh pasta place that was To. Die. For.  Whenever you are in the area go to Trevi Pasta.  They legit cut the pasta in front of you before taking it to the back for preparation.  There was a group of Italians sitting at the table next to us talking away in Italian.  That’s how you know this place is authentic.  We will be going back.



We have awesome friends and live in an awesome community.  Thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate birthdays with us on Monday evening!  We hosted a ping pong tourney to celebrate Britton and our friend Carter’s birthdays.  For dessert Carter’s wife came up with the brilliant idea to have a huge ice cream sundae for everyone to dig into.  It was awesome!


I have been totally in love with the new Lumineers song, Ophelia.  It gets stuck in your head and its really fun to sing along to.  I’m looking forward to their new album release very soon!




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