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Friday I’m in Love

27 May

Happy Friday!



Last Friday I got taped up by my chiropractor and OMG. Thank you KT.  I had mentioned in last week’s post that I had begun to have more intense ligament pain as my belly has grown and the tape thing worked WONDERS!  Britton is learning how to do it for me this afternoon so I won’t have to go back to her every week to be taped.  So glad I found this!


This is hilarious. The mom cut on SNL with Brie Larson.  I was catching up on some old episodes this week and this one cracks me up!  Hoping the mom cut doesn’t choose me!



Old Navy was having a BIG sale this week.  When I went to return some maternity clothes I got online I had to check out what they had in the kids section. OMG. This swim romper was CALLING MY NAME! And our plan this summer is to expose baby boy to the pool and beach as early as we can! So obviously I had to get it for 50% off!



They say you aren’t supposed to eat lunch meats while pregnant.  Well that’s been one of my only cravings (oh and last night I wanted one of those strawberry shortcake ice cream bars). So needless to say I haven’t stuck real true to the no lunch meats deal.  I love sandwiches!  We have a Firehouse Subs right near the house but normally there is no parking anywhere near by to make this location convenient.  Except on Tuesday 🙂 Thank you Firehouse for being so delicious!

This weekend will be a very special weekend for me as I watch one of my best friends get married!  Britton and I will be in South Florida for a weekend long celebration!  In reflection of my friendship of Amit here is a toast to you.  To my Bridesman, and ever best friend!  We can’t wait to celebrate!

Babymoon Part 2

24 May

On our second day in paradise we decided to book an excursion so we could do some snorkeling, see the sunset from the water, and get some boat time in without having to spend a fortune to rent our own boat.  We decided on the afternoon excursion leaving us with some time that morning to explore historic downtown and spend some time in our lovely pool.

I didn’t plan ahead for breakfast that morning and unfortunately the place I wanted to go was closed when we arrived.  So we searched for another place and ended up at a french bakery.  I had something called a Galette which is like a crepe made with buckwheat which was delicious.  As we began to leave the crowds lined up for brunch and I was glad to be heading back towards the hotel to relax.

We had the pool almost to ourselves as most of the guests had already left since it was Monday.  It was perfect for me and Britton to float around for a few hours before our excursion that afternoon.  We got to the marina early so Britton could have a bite for lunch and we could check out the shops.  We even found a little bit of Iowa as we walked around the marina!


Before long we were out on the bright blue waters off the coast of the Florida Keys and I was in heaven.

We made our way to a Reef to start the excursion with some snorkeling. This was by far, the best spot I have ever been to for snorkeling.  Not 2 minutes in the water we spotted a Goliath Grouper being cleaned by a host of small fish.  As we continued along we saw a sting ray swim past us.  It was majestic! I do have some fears when I’m out snorkeling one of those being barracudas.  After we saw the ray we turned around to come face to face with a 5 foot barracuda.  I about had a heart attack…  We calmly swam in the opposite direction to continue to take in the beauty of the reef.  I saw schools of the most beautiful fish all along our path.  We came across 3 more rays buried under the sand for protection. Britton and I stayed in the water far longer than any of the other participants but I just couldn’t pull myself away from the beauty we saw all around us.


After snorkeling we headed to another spot where a mangrove island had formed.  We learned a lot about the history of the mangroves and the protection it provides both for the islands of the Keys and the reef system.  We didn’t see much wildlife but we did enjoy another opportunity to learn about the mangroves.

After the mangroves we were heading back to Key West to catch the sunset from the water. It was beautiful.  My time lapse is a little shaky but you get the idea 🙂

I wish we had brought a water proof camera so I’d have more to show for our snorkeling excursion but instead it’s etched in my memory.

After grabbing a quick bite to eat off the boat we headed straight for bed.  The next morning we soaked in the pool for a bit before heading to town for some donuts.  They were amazing.


We picked up some artwork on our way out of town as that is my standard whenever we travel.  I love to find local art to hang on our walls.  This piece was a painting of the mangroves on a recycled piece of tin roof tile.  It fits perfectly on our wall of art!


Then we began our journey home. It was a long journey especially for a 7 months pregnant woman!  We stopped for lunch in Islamorada and then stopped at the Sandal Outlet and Shell World just to break up the drive.


Once we were off the islands was when the real fun began.  We hit traffic going through south Florida.  Then I missed an exit that routed us a good 45 minutes off the usual path. It was slow going but we finally made it home around 10 pm to an excited puppy that had been delivered back home by his grandma earlier in the evening.

We had an awesome trip. We spent a lot of time talking about how one of our goals is to own a home close to the water and let me tell you, I’m dreaming of that day!  I can’t wait to take our little one to the beach so he can be a beach bum like his mom!

Babymoon <3

23 May

The last weekend in April Britton and I decided to go on a babymoon.  Originally we wanted to go to Charleston and Savannah but given my extra pregnancy weight and changing body we decided it would probably be too much to be walking around those cities for a long weekend.  So we opted for a more laid back location and booked a trip to Key West.

Due to some meetings in Gainesville that Friday we ended up driving only part of the way to the Keys and spent the first night in Miami.  I also didn’t want us doing the drive in the dark as I love the sites of Florida along that route.

Saturday morning, we were up early enough to do a little driving through Coral Gables before heading on our journey through the Florida Keys.  We also made a pit stop at Robert is Here for some milkshakes and entertainment!


Its pretty standard to hit a ton of traffic when leaving the mainland of Florida and this trip was no exception.  Nothing bothered me though because I knew we were headed to paradise.


Our first night in Key West we had to hit up Mallory Square for the chaos and to watch the sunset.  I had made reservations for dinner for after sunset and we had a lovely date night on the front porch of an old historic home refurbished into a restaurant called Bagatelle.  I could have eaten there every night but Britton held me back!


On Sunday morning we headed back into town and checked out the southernmost point and strolled the quiet streets of historic key west.  I love all the wild chickens you see roaming the streets!



That afternoon we did a 3 hour kayak tour through the mangroves of the Florida Keys.  This was an AMAZING experience.  At first I wanted us to just rent kayaks and go on our own, but I am so glad we didn’t do that.  I was in heaven as our guide literally wove us through the mangroves to big salt ponds with all kinds of fish and sea creatures below us. I even got to hold a jelly called a Cassiopea!


After kayaks we got ready and headed back to Historic Key West for a quick bite to eat before hopping on a ghost trolly tour.  I’m kind of a fan of learning about the eerie history of old historic towns so these tours are always first on my to do list!  We got to see the most haunted doll, called Robert the Doll in an old museum and learned about some of the Key West hauntings.  We had a blast but didn’t site any ghosts!

Our first evening and full day in Key West was so eventful it makes sense to me to share the rest in a second post.  We had so much fun and I can’t wait to share the rest!

Friday I’m in Love

20 May

Hi Friends. I’ve had some texts from you all about where my Friday posts have gone. It’s been a while! And I wish I had a better excuse but I don’t.  I’ve just been too dang busy to write! If you’re a facebook friend you may have caught a post I made last Sunday about needing rest because I’ve quite literally pushed  my body and my baby to exhaustion the last month or so.  After a month hiatus, I am back.  A lot of fun stuff has been going on at the Wall household with much more to write about outside of my Friday loves 🙂


Last week I got a ton of time with my little sister, Kristen.  She was here for my second baby shower in Florida on Mothers Day weekend and then stayed the whole week to end her trip with a bachelorette weekend down here.  I loved spending time with her and we spent an entire day (12 hours) park hopping our at Disney! We had a blast!


I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and one of my favorite articles was related to kids and peanut allergies. I know, I’m a long way from needing to worry about this but I want to do everything I can to make sure my kid is happy and healthy and hopefully doesn’t have a crazy restrictive diet. For me, that includes being peanut allergy free.  This one definitely has me thinking about allergens and our baby a lot.  Check it out here!


Last weekend I had a scare. I was not feeling well and was worried about baby too.  After listening to the advice of friends and family I decided to head to the new Florida Hospital for Women and check out their obstetrics triage unit. This might be a crazy thing to have on my love list this week but I LOVED this hospital! Within 5 minutes of me arriving in the waiting room, I had a room to myself and was strapped up to all the machines to monitor me and baby boy. I am so thankful to have this new hospital in my back yard and I just know my birth experience there will be as enjoyable as possible!


Britton and I have had so much going on lately that our TV cue really started to get long. So we took to watching the end of the show The Family.  Unfortunately it isn’t being renewed for a second season but Oh My Goodness… it had us hooked and we’re pretty disappointed it isn’t coming back to answer some gnawing questions.  But if you’re up for the suspense, check it out.

I’ve also gotten a ton of baby stuff since my last post but it doesn’t seem appropriate to share my loves since no baby has actually used anything yet!  So hopefully come August we will have some fun stuff to share about!