Friday I’m in Love

20 May

Hi Friends. I’ve had some texts from you all about where my Friday posts have gone. It’s been a while! And I wish I had a better excuse but I don’t.  I’ve just been too dang busy to write! If you’re a facebook friend you may have caught a post I made last Sunday about needing rest because I’ve quite literally pushed  my body and my baby to exhaustion the last month or so.  After a month hiatus, I am back.  A lot of fun stuff has been going on at the Wall household with much more to write about outside of my Friday loves 🙂


Last week I got a ton of time with my little sister, Kristen.  She was here for my second baby shower in Florida on Mothers Day weekend and then stayed the whole week to end her trip with a bachelorette weekend down here.  I loved spending time with her and we spent an entire day (12 hours) park hopping our at Disney! We had a blast!


I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and one of my favorite articles was related to kids and peanut allergies. I know, I’m a long way from needing to worry about this but I want to do everything I can to make sure my kid is happy and healthy and hopefully doesn’t have a crazy restrictive diet. For me, that includes being peanut allergy free.  This one definitely has me thinking about allergens and our baby a lot.  Check it out here!


Last weekend I had a scare. I was not feeling well and was worried about baby too.  After listening to the advice of friends and family I decided to head to the new Florida Hospital for Women and check out their obstetrics triage unit. This might be a crazy thing to have on my love list this week but I LOVED this hospital! Within 5 minutes of me arriving in the waiting room, I had a room to myself and was strapped up to all the machines to monitor me and baby boy. I am so thankful to have this new hospital in my back yard and I just know my birth experience there will be as enjoyable as possible!


Britton and I have had so much going on lately that our TV cue really started to get long. So we took to watching the end of the show The Family.  Unfortunately it isn’t being renewed for a second season but Oh My Goodness… it had us hooked and we’re pretty disappointed it isn’t coming back to answer some gnawing questions.  But if you’re up for the suspense, check it out.

I’ve also gotten a ton of baby stuff since my last post but it doesn’t seem appropriate to share my loves since no baby has actually used anything yet!  So hopefully come August we will have some fun stuff to share about!


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