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Friday I’m Missing Grandma

15 Jul


Last weekend Britton and I went down to visit my aunt and uncle for a quick visit to say hi before the baby arrives. My grandma had made our baby a gift before she passed away 3 years ago.  I haven’t talked at all in my blog about my grandma but she meant a lot to me. She was a knitter. She knitted each of her grand kids baby blankets and knitted each of us a blanket when we got married. She was bale to give me mine at my wedding shower but died just days before we got married. Julia Jackson was an amazing woman. I still remember snack time as a kid, getting a small Tupperware with skittles between breakfast and lunch when we went to visit her. Every year for Christmas she made all her kids, grand kids and great grand kids cross stitched ornaments. All of mine go on a special tree every year during the holidays.


So, back to the point at hand. I found out a few weeks ago that my grandma made something for our baby before she died. My aunt said that two months before she passed away she began making the afghan blanket for our first child. We were no where near even thinking about kids as a couple but grandma planned ahead. She wanted us to have, for our baby, what she gave my mom and all of her kids for their babies. This blanket means more to me than anything we’ve gotten for our baby boy. I hope he cherishes it as much as I do.




before we = 3

13 Jul

Last night Britton and I had possibly our last date night before we become a family of 3.  I had made reservations and cancelled them to various places at Disney Springs over the course of the last month and finally we made it a priority.  We wanted to check out Morimoto Asia so I made some reservations and we headed out there for an evening just the two of us.

As always we were stuck in traffic on Disney property but somehow still made it to dinner on time. Walking through the new marketplace was beautiful and we knew we would want to check it out after dinner.


Morimoto Asia was absolutely stunning inside. We were at a table somewhat tucked away near the front of the restaurant but we had a great view of the whole place.  I was amazed at what Disney was doing out there to bring in some new restaurants and experiences for their ever committed fans. The food, the atmosphere, the company, it was a perfect dinner.

Afterwards we strolled through some of the shops in the marketplace but before we knew it, the clouds opened up and it started to storm. Before we had even pulled into the garage I made a mental note not to forget our umbrella but, guess what, baby brain kicked in and we left it in the backseat! So instead we rushed from store to store until we made it to a covered section where we slowly strolled through some great shops.  My favorite shop was called Sugarboo & Co. I wanted everything in that store! We will be back with a plan. So many things I wanted for our master bedroom but its too much of a disaster right now to think about decorating it.


Once the rain cleared we made our way to Sprinkles cupcakes. I can’t ever go anywhere where cupcakes are nearby and NOT pick up a few! They even have a cupcake ATM at this location!


We had a great evening and I hope we are able to dedicate some time every month to continue to stay connected once baby comes.


guest room to nursery

11 Jul

As most everyone knows by now, we are getting closer and closer to bringing a baby into this crazy world! As soon as we moved into our house we knew exactly what room would be our nursery. It had two pink walls which we also always knew, would be changed to mint.

The exciting part was moving everything out of there and finding places for it all throughout our house.  Newer construction homes in Central Florida are extremely tight on storage space so that was quite a challenge.  We got rid of some stuff, sold some stuff and moved some stuff into the various storage spaces we have dedicated throughout the house and the garage.

Our first purchase for the nursery was actually our rocker. We had gotten some cash for Christmas that we wanted to put towards the baby’s room so we headed to Buy  Buy Baby to find the perfect one!  The same weekend we also found an awesome rug from Home Goods.  It was a productive weekend!


Next step in this adventure was to paint.  While Britton was away on business one week I started the process and completed the first coat of paint on all the walls! Once he was home, he helped me finish the walls with a second coat.  It’s much more fun to paint with a partner!

In the midst of painting the space we also found out we were having a baby boy! Which helped us decide what would come next in the space to prepare for a baby boy! No more mint and coral and yellow for this room, it would now be mint, white and navy blue 🙂 Once the walls were painted it was time to figure out a dresser/changing table and get the rest of our furniture ordered.  I had already picked out a crib and had hoped to refinish an old dresser for his room.  The dresser, however, was not as easy to refinish as I had hoped so we scrapped the idea after finding the perfect piece from Adjectives Unhinged. A midcentury disaster was what it was when we found it but after they designer refinished it, it was PERFECT for our baby boy!

My in-laws purchased our crib for us so we put it together and we were well on our way to having everything we needed for baby boy!


I also wanted a bookcase where all of our baby books could face out so I found a great one on the pottery barn kids website! I also needed artwork for our celestial themed nursery so I headed straight to etsy to find some unique pieces. We also got a great mobile from etsy that we couldn’t be happier with.  Britton even found a map of the northern sky on a deal website from Europe! Two weeks ago we put it all together and his room is PERFECT and ready for his arrival (just like I am!)

We had a lot of fun putting together his room and we really can’t wait for him to spend his first years in this room and this house. We hope he loves the space we’ve created for him!

Friday I’m in Love

8 Jul

Friday’s have become super busy for me over the past few weeks and it’s made these posts somewhat impossible to get to.  It doesn’t help that I have become SUPER lazy in the last few weeks of pregnancy so I have a lot less fun stuff to share!


First and foremost, I am so in love with spending time out on the water.  On Monday my dad took us  and a few friends out on the Butler chain of lakes to celebrate Independence Day.  We had so much fun, I didn’t want to leave!  We got to the park early enough on Monday morning that we had no trouble dropping the boat in and getting a parking spot for the trailer.  Getting out was a whole other story.  But everything in between was perfect.  Britton made breakfast burritos for us to eat once we were out on the water.  We brought Publix subs to snack on for lunch, and I way over prepared snacks for the rest of the day.  The water was wonderful and I think I spent over 2 hours just floating.  Perfect day!


This commercial, happy tears



Last weekend we finished our nursery which I should do a whole post on that so maybe next week 🙂 I love everything about his space!  Even though he won’t be there for a few months as we will be keeping him in a bassinet for a while, it feels good to have this done! Mint walls, grey and white furniture, navy accents?!  It’s perfect!


Monster Cookies… These are a thing in the Midwest for sure but I made almost 4 dozen over the weekend to bring out on the boat.  We’ve been snacking on them all week.  Have you ever had one?  They are the perfect mix of peanut butter, chocolate, and oatmeal that me and Britton find irresistible.  I used Paula Deen’s recipe and used dark chocolate m&m’s as that is my favorite way to eat chocolate.  Make some.  Don’t wait for something special.


Probably top on my list of loves is feeling our baby move around all day long. I wish I could get a video of it but he gets skittish whenever I pull out my phone to get it!  He’s still super active and it makes me really excited to meet him!  I tell him every day to not get too comfortable because we really can’t wait to see his sweet face!

On top of being 37+ weeks pregnant, we are renovating our master bathroom.  I say we, but we hired a contractor (thank goodness) and its been quite inconvenient. Once we’re all done I’ll be excited to share but right now I feel like we are living in chaos.  Hopefully next week I will be able to add a bathroom reno to my love list instead of my opposite of love list 🙂