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before we = 3

13 Jul

Last night Britton and I had possibly our last date night before we become a family of 3.  I had made reservations and cancelled them to various places at Disney Springs over the course of the last month and finally we made it a priority.  We wanted to check out Morimoto Asia so I made some reservations and we headed out there for an evening just the two of us.

As always we were stuck in traffic on Disney property but somehow still made it to dinner on time. Walking through the new marketplace was beautiful and we knew we would want to check it out after dinner.


Morimoto Asia was absolutely stunning inside. We were at a table somewhat tucked away near the front of the restaurant but we had a great view of the whole place.  I was amazed at what Disney was doing out there to bring in some new restaurants and experiences for their ever committed fans. The food, the atmosphere, the company, it was a perfect dinner.

Afterwards we strolled through some of the shops in the marketplace but before we knew it, the clouds opened up and it started to storm. Before we had even pulled into the garage I made a mental note not to forget our umbrella but, guess what, baby brain kicked in and we left it in the backseat! So instead we rushed from store to store until we made it to a covered section where we slowly strolled through some great shops.  My favorite shop was called Sugarboo & Co. I wanted everything in that store! We will be back with a plan. So many things I wanted for our master bedroom but its too much of a disaster right now to think about decorating it.


Once the rain cleared we made our way to Sprinkles cupcakes. I can’t ever go anywhere where cupcakes are nearby and NOT pick up a few! They even have a cupcake ATM at this location!


We had a great evening and I hope we are able to dedicate some time every month to continue to stay connected once baby comes.


Friday I’m in Love

3 Jun

After this short week I can’t believe its already Friday!


My first love of the week has to be going to friends’ weddings.  It has been so long since I’ve seen and hung out with so many of the friends I made at Rollins as a graduate assistant and this last weekend at Amit and Barbara’s wedding I had too much fun! Huge shout out to my bestie merebear for instigating all the fun!  And thanks to Britton for catching this snipit of me dancing like a fool, 8 months pregnant!


On Monday, due to the over activity of the weekend, I was feeling like crap.  I just can’t dance, stand, walk around, party, enjoy myself like I could when I wasn’t pregnant and I haven’t gotten the hang of it.  I am so thankful for my dad, Britton and Foster (my three favorite guys) for taking such good care of me.  Dad brought Foster home to me even though it was SO out of the way.  Britton helped me relax and get comfortable once we made it home from south Florida.  and lastly, Foster snuggled up next to me to comfort me after Britton left on a work trip.  I love you all and I thank you for taking such good care of me!


Did anyone else read this article on women’s clothing sizes.  I’ve been saying to Britton for years now I wish women’s clothes weren’t tied to a number or a size but rather a symbol or color so we don’t always feel so bad about the size we buy in the store.  It’s not an indicator of our health.  Women’s clothing sizes are so completely arbitrary and they consistently make us feel bad about ourselves.  I really appreciate this guys facebook post and the article that followed. I’m sick of feeling bad about myself for the size I buy to feel comfortable in my clothes.  Who’s with me?


I started watching the HBO show Silicon Valley this week as something to have on the tv. Holy moly its hilarious!  Just watching this trailer again made me crack up!  If you haven’t watched it yet (and clearly I’m behind the game by 3 seasons) you should.  It’s funny.

Tomorrow Britton and I are in the childbirth 101 class at Florida Hospital ALL DAY! I am sure I will learn a lot but I’ll admit, I’m not really looking forward to it and I’m sure he isn’t either!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


1 Jun

One of my best friends got married on Memorial Day weekend and I was so excited to be able to celebrate with them!  Britton and I went down to Boca Raton for the wedding festivities on Saturday and hoped to be able to spend some time at the beach with the guests and wedding party.  Unfortunately we were running late that day and got there in time to get ready for dinner.

We ate in downtown Delray Beach which was absolutely adorable.  I made reservations at a place called Racks Fish House and Oyster Bar.  The food was great but the atmosphere was even more fun!  There was a loud bar crowd but it didn’t deter from the experience.  After dinner we walked the town and I got a delicious, chocolate covered popsicle 🙂 it was delicious!


After dinner we met up with the wedding crew at their hotel, the Delray Sands.  I had a lot of fun meeting some new people and catching up with old friends.


Sunday we were up early to join my friends Meredith and Candace for breakfast. Afterwards we went back to the wedding party’s hotel to swim in the pool and relax with old friends.  It was very hot outside but I had a lot of fun in the pool with some old friends from Rollins.


Sunday evening was the main event.  We got ready back at our hotel and then headed to the Seagate Country Club for the wedding festivities.  I was feeling quite out of place being 8 months pregnant and the size of a whale but luckily all my friends were extremely nice, telling me I was beautiful in my large state!


The ceremony was beautiful and I danced the night away at the reception.  We had a great time that evening which made for an uncomfortable Monday for this very pregnant woman!

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to celebrate the marriage of Amit and Barbara this weekend.  After being Amit’s friend for almost 10 years, I am so glad he found his other half!

Babymoon Part 2

24 May

On our second day in paradise we decided to book an excursion so we could do some snorkeling, see the sunset from the water, and get some boat time in without having to spend a fortune to rent our own boat.  We decided on the afternoon excursion leaving us with some time that morning to explore historic downtown and spend some time in our lovely pool.

I didn’t plan ahead for breakfast that morning and unfortunately the place I wanted to go was closed when we arrived.  So we searched for another place and ended up at a french bakery.  I had something called a Galette which is like a crepe made with buckwheat which was delicious.  As we began to leave the crowds lined up for brunch and I was glad to be heading back towards the hotel to relax.

We had the pool almost to ourselves as most of the guests had already left since it was Monday.  It was perfect for me and Britton to float around for a few hours before our excursion that afternoon.  We got to the marina early so Britton could have a bite for lunch and we could check out the shops.  We even found a little bit of Iowa as we walked around the marina!


Before long we were out on the bright blue waters off the coast of the Florida Keys and I was in heaven.

We made our way to a Reef to start the excursion with some snorkeling. This was by far, the best spot I have ever been to for snorkeling.  Not 2 minutes in the water we spotted a Goliath Grouper being cleaned by a host of small fish.  As we continued along we saw a sting ray swim past us.  It was majestic! I do have some fears when I’m out snorkeling one of those being barracudas.  After we saw the ray we turned around to come face to face with a 5 foot barracuda.  I about had a heart attack…  We calmly swam in the opposite direction to continue to take in the beauty of the reef.  I saw schools of the most beautiful fish all along our path.  We came across 3 more rays buried under the sand for protection. Britton and I stayed in the water far longer than any of the other participants but I just couldn’t pull myself away from the beauty we saw all around us.


After snorkeling we headed to another spot where a mangrove island had formed.  We learned a lot about the history of the mangroves and the protection it provides both for the islands of the Keys and the reef system.  We didn’t see much wildlife but we did enjoy another opportunity to learn about the mangroves.

After the mangroves we were heading back to Key West to catch the sunset from the water. It was beautiful.  My time lapse is a little shaky but you get the idea 🙂

I wish we had brought a water proof camera so I’d have more to show for our snorkeling excursion but instead it’s etched in my memory.

After grabbing a quick bite to eat off the boat we headed straight for bed.  The next morning we soaked in the pool for a bit before heading to town for some donuts.  They were amazing.


We picked up some artwork on our way out of town as that is my standard whenever we travel.  I love to find local art to hang on our walls.  This piece was a painting of the mangroves on a recycled piece of tin roof tile.  It fits perfectly on our wall of art!


Then we began our journey home. It was a long journey especially for a 7 months pregnant woman!  We stopped for lunch in Islamorada and then stopped at the Sandal Outlet and Shell World just to break up the drive.


Once we were off the islands was when the real fun began.  We hit traffic going through south Florida.  Then I missed an exit that routed us a good 45 minutes off the usual path. It was slow going but we finally made it home around 10 pm to an excited puppy that had been delivered back home by his grandma earlier in the evening.

We had an awesome trip. We spent a lot of time talking about how one of our goals is to own a home close to the water and let me tell you, I’m dreaming of that day!  I can’t wait to take our little one to the beach so he can be a beach bum like his mom!

Babymoon <3

23 May

The last weekend in April Britton and I decided to go on a babymoon.  Originally we wanted to go to Charleston and Savannah but given my extra pregnancy weight and changing body we decided it would probably be too much to be walking around those cities for a long weekend.  So we opted for a more laid back location and booked a trip to Key West.

Due to some meetings in Gainesville that Friday we ended up driving only part of the way to the Keys and spent the first night in Miami.  I also didn’t want us doing the drive in the dark as I love the sites of Florida along that route.

Saturday morning, we were up early enough to do a little driving through Coral Gables before heading on our journey through the Florida Keys.  We also made a pit stop at Robert is Here for some milkshakes and entertainment!


Its pretty standard to hit a ton of traffic when leaving the mainland of Florida and this trip was no exception.  Nothing bothered me though because I knew we were headed to paradise.


Our first night in Key West we had to hit up Mallory Square for the chaos and to watch the sunset.  I had made reservations for dinner for after sunset and we had a lovely date night on the front porch of an old historic home refurbished into a restaurant called Bagatelle.  I could have eaten there every night but Britton held me back!


On Sunday morning we headed back into town and checked out the southernmost point and strolled the quiet streets of historic key west.  I love all the wild chickens you see roaming the streets!



That afternoon we did a 3 hour kayak tour through the mangroves of the Florida Keys.  This was an AMAZING experience.  At first I wanted us to just rent kayaks and go on our own, but I am so glad we didn’t do that.  I was in heaven as our guide literally wove us through the mangroves to big salt ponds with all kinds of fish and sea creatures below us. I even got to hold a jelly called a Cassiopea!


After kayaks we got ready and headed back to Historic Key West for a quick bite to eat before hopping on a ghost trolly tour.  I’m kind of a fan of learning about the eerie history of old historic towns so these tours are always first on my to do list!  We got to see the most haunted doll, called Robert the Doll in an old museum and learned about some of the Key West hauntings.  We had a blast but didn’t site any ghosts!

Our first evening and full day in Key West was so eventful it makes sense to me to share the rest in a second post.  We had so much fun and I can’t wait to share the rest!

Friday I’m in Love

8 Apr



Last Sunday the weather was BEAUTIFUL and when we got home from church i told Britton we had to do something outside.  So we decided to do some Florida hiking through Lake Louisa State Park.  It was the perfect afternoon.  The park is amazing with cabins to rent, camp sites and all sorts of aquatic activity on the lake.  We hiked over 4 miles and it felt great!  I’m so glad I am still able to get outside and move!



I am so thankful to have this pool in our neighborhood.  As my baby grows, I know the best place for me to be is going to be IN the pool.  I spent a few hours there on Tuesday with some friends and showed off my growing belly.  It felt great!



A few weeks ago we purchased a dresser for baby boy’s nursery and they called on Tuesday to say it was ready!  This came from Unhinged in Altamonte and it needed to be refinished. I was shocked it was already ready!  And it looks perfect in his room!



Wednesday night I did a painting class at Wheel Works in Winter Garden and we had so much fun! I went with my cousin Stacy and my mom.  The wheels on my bike aren’t perfect but I think this is my favorite hand painted piece yet!

This week was really good and I hope the weekend can extended the goodness 🙂

Friday I’m in Love

25 Mar

This is coming out a little late today but better late than never!


I was super lucky this week to spend some time with my cousin (in-law) Stacy.  Tuesday we went to lunch and walked downtown Winter Garden and Wednesday we took our dogs on an awesome walk on the West Orange Trail.  Since my weekend in Georgia I have been itching to spend more time outside and I am so glad to have the trail close by.  We had a great time together and our dogs were sufficiently worn out.



It’s a family tradition for the Eden house to dye eggs every year for Easter.  Its been a few years since Britton and I have done it but I wanted to get back on track in preparation of our growing family.  We had so much fun and our eggs look pretty good too!



I got lucky today and spent the morning with Stacy again as we journeyed our to Wekiwa Springs to do a little kayaking.  The weather right now is crap but at 11 am when we got out there it was beautiful and peaceful.  We spent 2 hours on the water and saw much of the local wildlife on the journey.  We had so much fun and I’m already looking forward to our next kayak trip.  Hopefully soon!


Last week we started watching The Real O’Neals on Hulu and OMG we are obsessed.  I think its our new favorite sitcom.  Picture a perfect Irish Catholic family whose shit hits the fan.  It’s hilarious and we love the main character, Kenny.  It’s not for everyone, but we LOVE it!

Have a great weekend!

Friday I’m in Love

18 Mar

Yeay it’s Friday! And my Britton is back in town after a week of travel.


I am so in love with the waterfalls of the north Georgia mountains.  Last weekend on my Sisser weekend road trip we had the opportunity to hike to 3 different waterfalls.  They’re everywhere in those mountains and I wish we could have seen more.  BUT what we did see was pretty amazing.  If we had those beautiful hikes down here in Florida that’s where I would be every day. Hiking.


I have done a smidgen of maternity shopping (the rest I got from my good friend Kendra) and I love the dress selection on Zulily.  I have gotten a handful of Pink Blush dresses which are usually pretty spendy.  The selection on Zulily is always changing and its great to have a sale site with maternity specific (and baby) clothes!



I had the great pleasure this week of voting in the primary elections in Florida. Its a privilege to live in a place where women have the right to vote and despite my lack of enthusiasm for really any one candidate I was glad to have the opportunity to vote. It will be an interesting year for sure and this is an important election year.  Come November, I hope to see record numbers at the polls (hopefully voting for my candidate ;))


I’ve been having a throwback week listening to a lot of Imagine Dragons second album. It’s really the best to listen to on longer trips in the car where I can really get into belting out the music!  Favorite song right now is The Fall.  There’s no music video to share but you can listen to it anywhere. It’s awesome.

Have a great weekend friends!




North Georgia Road Trip

16 Mar

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with my little sister on a quick road trip through the north Georgia mountains.  She lives in NYC so she flew into Atlanta and I drove up from Orlando.  For starters, I hate the Atlanta airport.  Have you ever heard of a busy airport like Atlanta, having pick up AND drop off of passengers in the SAME LANES?! It was a disaster getting to her but once I did, we were on our way.

We made our way towards Athens for our first night, sort of a halfway point between Atlanta and Helen which is where we hoped to get some hikes and German fare.  After getting stuck in some nasty traffic we finally made it to the hotel at about midnight and we were both lights out pretty soon after.

Day 1 in Athens I had to take a work call first thing in the morning and while I did that, my sis, did her daily workout.  Afterwards, my friend Lisa, who works for UGA, picked us up and took us to an amazing restaurant!  Mama’s Boy had great food and a fun atmosphere. It was the perfect way to kick off our sisser weekend!  After our bellies were full, Lisa took us on a driving tour of the campus which we always enjoy.

I was excited to see Lisa as it had been close to two years since we had last seen each others faces.  But we were also excited to be on our way to Helen for a day of German fun and hiking.  We drove on through Helen and took our first hiking stop at Raven Cliffs Falls. It was about 2.5 miles to the main event but the hike was beautiful as it followed along Dodd Creek making the music of the moving water a beautiful song for the long haul.  Being pregnant and taking such a long hike has its downside and there were a few times I wanted to give up and turn around but the falls at the end were worth the hard work and I’m glad we made our way there.

After the falls we headed to our hotel in Helen and we got ready for dinner.  We enjoyed walking around the adorable town as we made our way to dinner.  We found an authentic German hot spot, called Bodensee, and the food was AMAZING!  We had a mushroom appetizer and each had a version of pork schnitzel, ending the meal with an apple strudel.

While Helen is an adorable town, I was disappointed to see how touristy it was.  Where they could really highlight the culture of Germany in each of its adorable store fronts, they really cater more to the kitschy crap that I can find in gas stations and tourist beach shops around the United States.

Day 2 we tried to find a few more hiking spots before heading on to Chattanooga, our next destination.  The first hike we tried to find was called High Shoals Falls trail.  We used google maps to try and find the trailhead and lets just say it took us on a journey.  First we ended up in some strange little neighborhood with no real way out and no way to get to the hike.  Then we found a different route that took us to the hiawasee river.  Apparently it is not uncommon for cars to have to cross said river to get to this hike.  My little Honda Accord was not up for the challenge so we had to give up and turn around!

After our failed attempt we DID find our second hike at Anna Ruby Falls.  This was part of a large state park and the path was completely paved up to the falls.  The downside to this one was that it was an extremely steep hike there making this pregnant lady wish for a back to hop on!  The falls were pretty but we definitely enjoyed our hike from the previous day much more.


We found another German hot spot for lunch before driving out to Tennessee.  We event got a German donut on the house and left with a pretzel to snack on in the car!

Along the route to Chattanooga we had mapped a few additional hikes to check out.  The first being Helton Creek Falls.  After following google maps along a very rough and tough dirt road, low and behold, we came across another river to cross.  The jeep that was ahead of us would have no trouble crossing the creek bed but again, my poor Honda was not up to the task.  We realized at that point we should have done a little more research when choosing these trails to find as this was apparently a thing.  And maybe I should have brought Britton’s Jeep on the trip despite being more comfortable on the road in my Honda!


We went through Cherokee National Forest on our way to Chattanooga and were lucky to find one more hike for us to complete.  I had to drive up a mountain side which is at times frightening as I am quite afraid of heights but I am glad we made it to the top so we could enjoy another beautiful hike.  We made our way to Benton Falls trailhead and we were both excited to be out of the car and stretching our legs.  The hike itself was an easy one and not very beautiful compared to Raven Cliff.  But once we made it to the falls, I didn’t care much about the hike.  It was beautiful.  By far, the most beautiful waterfall we had seen.  It was absolutely breathtaking and I am so glad we found another hike we could manage to get to!

That evening we found a hole in the wall BBQ place to grab food to bring back to the hotel. We also found a biscuit place where we picked up some additional sides for our dinner.  We were both pooped and decided on an evening in, pampering ourselves and watching movies.  It was the perfect last evening together.

Day 3 we woke up as early as we could following the time change and got our butts out and on to Ruby Falls for our last activity of the weekend.  I have been there before but I always enjoy the cave tour and underground waterfall so I was excited to go back.  We enjoyed the cool weather underground and enjoyed the stories from our tour guide.

We hoped back in the car to make our way back to Atlanta.  We made a pit stop at some outlets for my sis as that type of shopping experience is hard to come by in the big city.

As we pulled back into the airport chaos I was sad to see the weekend come to a close.  This would be the last Sisser weekend before I become a mom.  Trips like this have become a ritual for us as we try to get together at least twice a year.  It started in Boston for my “bachelorette” weekend.  I’ve been to see her about once a year in New York.  And last year we did a trip in Connecticut.  I know that we will still plan trips and have fun sisser time but come July, I will also always be a mom.  I’m so glad to have my supportive sisser around when I need her and I hope as my life changes, our relationship continues to grow.  ❤ you sisser!


Coming July 2016

1 Mar

This has been a hard secret to keep from all of my social media and blogging friends but its finally time to make the big announcement!  Britton and I are so happy to announce that our family of two will become a family of three this coming July!

We’ve been saying for about 2 years we wanted to grow our family but it wasn’t until late summer, early fall I was ready to take the plunge.  The story of finding out is kind of a funny one as I just had a hunch about it and took a pregnancy test while Britton was away in the Dominican Republic for business.  The night I took my first test he did not even call as he was out late with business partners.  I was shocked and, quite frankly, questioning our readiness, the moment I saw the word “pregnant” on the test so I called a friend for a second test and then my sister to ball my eyes out as I knew from that moment on life would change forever.

The next day I was meeting Britton in Tallahassee for the FSU homecoming game so I planned a little surprise to tell him the big news.  When he got into Tally late that night I handed him a card and as he read the words he was just as shocked as I was at the news that we were pregnant.

We told my parents at Thanksgiving time, my dad with a sweet “Best Grandpa Ever” mug and for mom we added a high chair to the Thanksgiving dinner table while we all bowed our heads for prayer.  Both were ecstatic as I am the first to be a parent in my family and they’re both ready to be grandparents. Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking ahead and didn’t get a video or even pictures of the moment.

Fast forward to our 8th week of pregnancy when we first got a chance to see our little chocolate chip and hear the heartbeat.  I  honestly still didn’t believe it was real despite the overwhelming nausea and consistent food aversion I had been experiencing.


We really wanted to tell Britton’s parents until we saw them face to face which meant we had to wait until after Christmas when we were up celebrating the holidays with the whole Wall clan.  We DID think ahead and got video of their reveal and surprise surprise, Janet, was a little confused as so many other grand kids are on the way that she thought the “best grandma and grandpa” onsies must have been for one of the other new coming babies.

As I moved along through the first trimester my worst symptoms were nausea, food aversion and overwhelming exhaustion which lead to frequent naps and a necessary 9 hours of sleep a night.  When I came to the second trimester I hoped to start feeling like me old self again.  I did lose the nausea and for the most part I wasn’t having the same amount of food aversion (although sometimes it sneaks up on me) but I still feel pretty tired all the time.

We decided to have the Harmony genetic test done to make sure Baby Wall was healthy in there as some genetic disorders run in my family.  A few weeks ago we got the results back from the test that the baby is perfectly healthy in there which was a huge relief for me.   The Harmony test also shows the genetically the gender of our baby so we went ahead and did a small reveal party so we along with our parents and friends could find out the gender all together.  A nurse gave the results to my friend T so she could make us a cake but no one else there knew the results.  It was pretty fun!

We are so excited and feel so blessed to begin this new chapter (long chapter) in our lives. Baby Boy Wall will be joining us around July 24th and we can’t wait to meet him!  Thanks Lizzie for our awesome photos!

Gender Reveal