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Friday I’m in Love

5 Feb

Happy Friday! It’s already here!



Last week I mentioned that I had a tutu making party planned for that evening and I had just so much fun!  It’s my second go at making a tutu for a fun run and this party was even more fun than the last.  Some girlfriends and I are walking the Flavor Run 5k next weekend and we decided to make rainbow tutus to wear at the event.  We all got together at my friend’s house and enjoyed pizza, wine and each others company.  We had a blast and our tutus are AWESOME!



We’re preparing over here for some home updates and the first step was to clean out the garage.  We’ve been meaning to do so for months but we finally got the motivation when my mom, who loves to organize, offered to help.  We completely emptied our garage, got rid of multiple trash bins of junk, put together two piles to giveaway, and completely overhauled the garage.  It was amazing to have my mom to help and I can’t believe it looks so good!  Plenty of room now out there to store other bins we have tucked away in various closets throughout the house!


Did you follow season one of Serial.  I’ve talked about it a lot in my posts but his Post Conviction Hearing started on Tuesday and I’ve been following ever since. The Undisclosed podcast lawyers are there tweeting and periscoping about the events of the trial each day as well as the Serial podcast and Sarah Koenig and I can’t get enough.  You can follow updates from the Serial podcast on facebook.


Last but not least, I was a huge fan of Gilmore Girls and lately in my spare time I’ve been re-watching the series on Netflix.  Low and behold, Netflix has announced a 4 part reunion and I can not wait for it to be released.  They’re in the very beginning stages but I read every article I can find about the new “Seasons” mini series and its sure to be amazing.  This is a great cheat sheet for any fans 🙂


Pinterest Christmas

11 Jan

I know, this is late. But this is when I had time to post!

Christmas 2013 I wanted to make a tree skirt for Christmas.  It was one of those things you think about at Christmas but then forget about making it impossible to get done before the big day.  So this year, now that I live closer to my mom, who is my sewing teacher, I decided to get a head start and bought fabric for a tree skirt over the summer!  Fabric came from Heather Bailey and she was having a sale when I purchased in July.


We started sewing in September and it took some time.  I decided to turn this project into sewing lessons with my mom.  I’ve been wanting to freshen up my sewing skills so this was the perfect opportunity.  We found the pattern on the Amy Butler site but we didn’t realize at the time that we weren’t exactly following the instructions as I wanted to use both of my fabrics and the instructions called for felt to be the main piece of fabric.  We took a few extra steps by using felt, the red fabric and the backing and binding layer.


Mom and I got together about 4 times to work on this dang tree skirt.  We also decided to do a ruffle along the edge instead of what the pattern called for.  This was no easy task.  I sewed together what felt like a mile of fabric to prepare it to be ruffled.  My mom ended up doing most of the work on that part of the project.  She is kind of my hero.


After spending lots of time working on my tree skirt, my mom ended up finishing the skirt so that it was done in time for a Christmas party I was hosting.  As we got closer to Christmas our free time was dwindling and it was getting hard for us to find time to work on it together.


I love how it turned out but I don’t think I will ever sew my own tree skirt again!


Chalk Paint Redo

27 Oct

Hello friends!  A few weeks ago I took on a small project to see how I liked the whole chalk paint craze… I’m In!

I bought a few pieces of furniture a few years back from Brittons grandpa when he moved to Franklin, TN.  I have a soft spot for vintage furniture and probably would have taken more of his stuff if I had had the space back then.  But instead I took only a kitchen table and a side table, both from my father in laws childhood days.  I redid the cushions on the dining room chairs years ago and it was finally time to redo the side table too.


To start, I had to pick a paint color that I liked.  For a few weeks I was spending a lot of time at Adjectives Market in Altamonte and it gave me a chance to decide on a color.  We have blues in our living room with some accents of grey and coral.  I decided on Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey for the side table and purchased a small can of the clear wax.  I had plenty of brushes at home so luckily I didn’t have to purchase those too.

The side table had some water damage from spilled waters and condensation so I started by lightly sandpapering the table to even out some of the damaged spots.


The next step was to paint the piece with the Paris Grey Paint.  I decided to do 2 coats to ensure it was well covered.  One of the great things about this paint is that it dries pretty fast.  I waited about 30 minutes between my two coats.  I had some trouble painting the lower shelf of the side table mostly because the handle of the paint brush was too long!


After the paint dried I coated the side table with clear wax that I applied with an old hand towel.  The wax, unlike the paint, takes a little more time to set.  Before I set the side table back in its corner, I let it sit out for 24 hours before putting it back in it’s place.


I really didn’t know what to do about the gold handle so I found some craft paint and painted it white.  I’m still searching for a handle that’s a little more interesting but this will do for now!


I’m totally in love with the new and improved side table.  And it was so easy that I can’t wait to paint some more furniture!  Have you chalk painted any old furniture?  I’m trying to decide what to do next 🙂

Summer Wreath

20 Jul

I’m thinking I will get into some arts and crafts out here while I’m blogging.  I don’t do a lot but I’m trying to do more.  Every season I am anxious to put together a wreath for our front door to make the house more inviting in an otherwise cookie cutter neighborhood.  For spring/summer I went with bright colors and I couldn’t be happier!

I got the idea for my wreath on etsy from a shop called Happily Round.  Her wreaths are ADORABLE!  I don’t think I’m quite to a point where I would start selling my creations online but they’re perfect for my purposes of sprucing up the front of the house.

I purchased 4 skeins of yarn from Jo-Ann fabrics along with some white felt for flowers.  Supplies as follows:

1 foam wreath

2 skeins of yarn for wrapping the foam wreath

2 different colored skeins of yarn for making pom poms

2-4 square felt pieces for making the flowers

1 roll of a ribbon of your choice (I went with a loose hemp style ribbon)

The first step for me was making all of my flowers that I wanted on the wreath.  I made a few extras just in case I got really crazy and wanted to add a lot.  I made the yarn pom poms using my fingers like this tutorial.  Some people do them using a fork or other supplies but fingers were the easiest for me!  I chose to make mine messy and didn’t do a lot of scissoring to the ends to make them uniform.  The yarn was also a lot thicker and more unruly so unruly pom poms were perfect for me!

I also made my loopy flowers out of the felt.  I made mine somewhat small but large enough to not be overwhelmed by the pom poms.  I used the loopy flowers tutorial for mine and I loved them.

The next step was to wrap the wreath with the yarn.  This is the most time consuming part of wreath making (like this anyway).  I caught up on some tv while I wrapped the wreath to make the time go by faster.  I used about one almost both skeins of teal yarn to cover the whole thing.  The yarn I used was wider than the standard yarn so it did go faster than it could have!


Once the wreath was wrapped I started adding the flowers.  It took some planning on my part to make sure they looked all right and I didn’t load one side with one color.  I tied the wreath up with a makeshift bow (which didn’t last long) and hung the wreath on the door.  I won’t even share the original hemp bow as it was quite sad to say the least.


Since completing the project I got some help from a renowned bow expert and the new finished product is perfect!