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Raynor Turns 1

25 Jul

I’ve been gone. It’s been a while. I just can’t ever find the time to write anymore as a full time, stay at home, mommy. But I want to get some thoughts out about our first year with Raynor and his milestones so here we go!

Last week, July 20th, Raynor turned 1 year old! I seriously can’t even believe it’s been that long! While it feels like yesterday and also a lifetime ago that our sweet boy entered our lives. He has accomplished SO MUCH in the first 12 months of life and I know every month that passes he will become an even more amazing and independent little boy!


1 year milestones:

  • Sleeps through the night, approximately 9-11 hours, I broke my own rules and nurse him before bed but he sleeps so I don’t even care ūüôā
  • He’s only taking 1 nap a day (around lunch time) but he stays asleep for between 1.5 and 2.5 hours
  • He eats almost anything I put in front of him (hates avocado) and still does a mix of pureed fruits and vegetables as well as finger foods. I love that he will still eat puree so I can hide more nutritious foods in there.

Raynor eating

  • He has 6 teeth and is always chewing on his hands.
  • He is in mostly 9-12 month clothes but can still fit into 6-9 month rompers and even has a swimsuit he wears thats 3-6! He’s still nice and tiny!
  • He loves the water! We did 2 sessions of swim classes before coming ot the beach for the month and we practice his skills almost every day in preparation for his 3rd session of swim classes in September. He kicks like the 2 year olds in his class and is learning to “dig” his hands to the wall as well. Surprisngly, he LOVES to go under water and doesn’t fight us at all when we do it!


  • It’s amazing to me how little fear he has around strangers. He loves all our friends and will go them with little hesitation.
  • He LOVES to play with balls. He will throw the ball and put it in a basket if theres one close by. He lights up when he sees his favorite ball
  • Raynor loves music. He will dance to the music when his musical toys are on. We sing bedtime stories to him everynight and when he’s upset in the car we know just what albums to play to help him calm down.

  • After some trial and error we are back in our cloth diapers. We had some issues with properly washing them which turned me off cloth for about a month while we figured it out but I’ve decided to be less strict about diapering and will switch between cloth and Seventh Generation diapers.
  • He isn’t saying any words yet but loves to babble. His favorite is “dadadadadada” or “bubububububu”
  • Raynor is always laughing and he really is the happiest baby I’ve ever met!
  • We reached a major milestone just in the last week when he began to walk! I know that within the next week his walk will be a run and I can’t wait to chase him EVERYWHERE!

We love you sweet boy and can’t wait to see what new adventures you bring in the next 12 months!

July 20, 2016

12 Oct

I’ve had a hard time starting up my blogging again since our baby was born 12 weeks ago today. But while he takes a nap today I decided I wanted to get going again. Not everyone will be interested in this post as it is the story of our sons birth. Life’s a little different these days and right now I just want to document what speaks to me.

This story actually starts the day before, July 19, 2016. In the last month or so of pregnancy I began heading to my regular OBGYN appointments and coming out worried about my increasing blood pressure. ¬†At my appointment on July 15th the doctors decided to send me to the Florida Hospital triage center to check for preeclampsia. ¬†After spending the afternoon in triage, they send me home as my blood pressure stabilized and I showed no other symptoms of preeclampsia. ¬†But I didn’t feel good. So every day that weekend I had my blood pressure checked and sure enough, it stayed high and kept me worrying.

So Monday I called our doctors office and was able to schedule an appointment for Tuesday for a blood pressure check.  As I suspected, it was still high (the numbers at this point have left my brain but they were in the 140/100 range). They went ahead and sent me back to triage.  Instead of going through the same battery of tests as they had the Friday before, after monitoring my blood pressure for an hour, they went ahead and admitted me to have the baby.

My worst fears before going into labor was having to be induced because I have heard so many stories of friends being induced and being in labor for 24 hours or more. I had a whole labor plan, I was going to walk around, dance with Britton, bounce on a ball, take a show.  I spent some time doing those things. I bounced on an exercise ball for almost two hours as Britton and I watched TV and movies.  Mom brought us dinner as I was able to eat until I got an epidural.  Everything was going relatively smoothly.  On top of the high blood pressure I also had group B strep during pregnancy, that while totally normal in a woman, can be fatal if passed to the baby during delivery. While they were pumping me with fluids and meds for induction, they were also pumping antibiotics into my body every 4 hours. That was the most uncomfortable part of the beginning of my labor experience. All in all, the first few hours were uneventful. I felt pretty good.  Only minor pain from contractions and I was feeling pretty good.

In the middle of the night the contractions started to get steadier and more painful. I asked my nurse if I could take a shower to relax… That’s when I learned that my birth plan went right out the window the moment I was admitted with high blood pressure. I had no idea that the monitors I was hooked up to meant I could not do most of the things I had hoped to do to help me through the labor pains. I was bed bound. And I didn’t event know it! So when things got bad at around 3 am, and I couldn’t take the contraction pains any longer, I went ahead and got the epidural that I was putting off. ¬†I didn’t want to be bed bound so I didn’t start with any pain relievers. ¬†But now I knew, there was no point in going through the pain if I was bed bound anyway.

The epidural allowed me to get some sleep so we did that until the bright sun was shining in our room.  The morning through the early afternoon during labor was very uneventful. What really sucked was no eating or drinking. At about 3 pm the doctor on call went ahead and broke my water as labor was progressing relatively slowly. At that point I started to get antsy.  We are talking, 24 hours into my labor experience. My nurse reconfigured my bed so that I would be sitting almost upright to help move the baby down the birth canal. At about 6 pm is when I started to lose my mind. There was a pinch in my right hip that made me begin to feel contractions on that side. I was hungry and thirsty and no amount of popsicles or ice chips were going to satisfy me. I had my first ever panic attack.

Britton did his best to calm me down but we called the nurse and she hooked me up to oxygen so I could catch my breath.  She moved my bed back into a lying down position and although I was exhausted, I was feeling a little better.  Sitting upright for a few hours DID help move the baby into position.  After my panic attack things seemed to speed up and by 10 pm we were ready to go.

We didn’t realize it until I began to push that our baby boy was facing sideways and had his head cocked in the canal. ¬†He was stuck. ¬†I spent half an hour pushing in the traditional lying on your back position before the nurses and the doctor made the decision to start having me flip from side to side to move him into position. ¬†I spent 15 minutes pushing on my left side and 15 minutes pushing on my right side. And then we were ready. They moved me back to my back and in my first push baby boy was in the arms of my doctor and soon on my chest!


After 33 hours of labor, Raynor Eden Wall was born at 11:03 pm on July 20, 2016. He weighed 6 lbs 10 oz, 20 inches long, and absolutely perfect!

I had a hard labor. It took 33 hours (and I tore in 4 places!!) But I wouldn’t change it for the world. We brought into this world the most amazing little boy and we can’t wait to see who he becomes!

Friday I’m Missing Grandma

15 Jul


Last weekend Britton and I went down to visit my aunt and uncle for a quick visit to say hi before the baby arrives. My grandma had made our baby a gift before she passed away 3 years ago.  I haven’t talked at all in my blog about my grandma but she meant a lot to me. She was a knitter. She knitted each of her grand kids baby blankets and knitted each of us a blanket when we got married. She was bale to give me mine at my wedding shower but died just days before we got married. Julia Jackson was an amazing woman. I still remember snack time as a kid, getting a small Tupperware with skittles between breakfast and lunch when we went to visit her. Every year for Christmas she made all her kids, grand kids and great grand kids cross stitched ornaments. All of mine go on a special tree every year during the holidays.


So, back to the point at hand. I found out a few weeks ago that my grandma made something for our baby before she died. My aunt said that two months before she passed away she began making the afghan blanket for our first child. We were no where near even thinking about kids as a couple but grandma planned ahead. She wanted us to have, for our baby, what she gave my mom and all of her kids for their babies. This blanket means more to me than anything we’ve gotten for our baby boy. I hope he cherishes it as much as I do.




Friday I’m in Love

20 May

Hi Friends. I’ve had some texts from you all about where my Friday posts have gone. It’s been a while! And I wish I had a better excuse but I don’t. ¬†I’ve just been too dang busy to write! If you’re a facebook friend you may have caught a post I made last Sunday about needing rest because I’ve quite literally pushed ¬†my body and my baby to exhaustion the last month or so. ¬†After a month hiatus, I am back. ¬†A lot of fun stuff has been going on at the Wall household with much more to write about outside of my Friday loves ūüôā


Last week I got a ton of time with my little sister, Kristen.  She was here for my second baby shower in Florida on Mothers Day weekend and then stayed the whole week to end her trip with a bachelorette weekend down here.  I loved spending time with her and we spent an entire day (12 hours) park hopping our at Disney! We had a blast!


I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and one of my favorite articles was related to kids and peanut allergies. I know, I’m a long way from needing to worry about this but I want to do everything I can to make sure my kid is happy and healthy and hopefully doesn’t have a crazy restrictive diet. For me, that includes being peanut allergy free. ¬†This one definitely has me thinking about allergens and our baby a lot. ¬†Check it out here!


Last weekend I had a scare. I was not feeling well and was worried about baby too.  After listening to the advice of friends and family I decided to head to the new Florida Hospital for Women and check out their obstetrics triage unit. This might be a crazy thing to have on my love list this week but I LOVED this hospital! Within 5 minutes of me arriving in the waiting room, I had a room to myself and was strapped up to all the machines to monitor me and baby boy. I am so thankful to have this new hospital in my back yard and I just know my birth experience there will be as enjoyable as possible!


Britton and I have had so much going on lately that our TV cue really started to get long. So we took to watching the end of the show The Family. ¬†Unfortunately it isn’t being renewed for a second season but Oh My Goodness… it had us hooked and we’re pretty disappointed it isn’t coming back to answer some gnawing questions. ¬†But if you’re up for the suspense, check it out.

I’ve also gotten a ton of baby stuff since my last post but it doesn’t seem appropriate to share my loves since no baby has actually used anything yet! ¬†So hopefully come August we will have some fun stuff to share about!

North Georgia Road Trip

16 Mar

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with my little sister on a quick road trip through the north Georgia mountains.  She lives in NYC so she flew into Atlanta and I drove up from Orlando.  For starters, I hate the Atlanta airport.  Have you ever heard of a busy airport like Atlanta, having pick up AND drop off of passengers in the SAME LANES?! It was a disaster getting to her but once I did, we were on our way.

We made our way towards Athens for our first night, sort of a halfway point between Atlanta and Helen which is where we hoped to get some hikes and German fare.  After getting stuck in some nasty traffic we finally made it to the hotel at about midnight and we were both lights out pretty soon after.

Day 1 in Athens I had to take a work call first thing in the morning and while I did that, my sis, did her daily workout. ¬†Afterwards, my friend Lisa, who works for UGA, picked us up and took us to an amazing restaurant! ¬†Mama’s Boy had great food and a fun atmosphere. It was the perfect way to kick off our sisser weekend! ¬†After our bellies were full, Lisa took us on a driving tour of the campus which we always enjoy.

I was excited to see Lisa as it had been close to two years since we had last seen each others faces. ¬†But we were also excited to be on our way to Helen for a day of German fun and hiking. ¬†We drove on through Helen and took our first hiking stop at Raven Cliffs Falls. It was about 2.5 miles to the main event but the hike was beautiful as it followed along Dodd Creek making the music of the moving water a beautiful song for the long haul. ¬†Being pregnant and taking such a long hike has its downside and there were a few times I wanted to give up and turn around but the falls at the end were worth the hard work and I’m glad we made our way there.

After the falls we headed to our hotel in Helen and we got ready for dinner.  We enjoyed walking around the adorable town as we made our way to dinner.  We found an authentic German hot spot, called Bodensee, and the food was AMAZING!  We had a mushroom appetizer and each had a version of pork schnitzel, ending the meal with an apple strudel.

While Helen is an adorable town, I was disappointed to see how touristy it was.  Where they could really highlight the culture of Germany in each of its adorable store fronts, they really cater more to the kitschy crap that I can find in gas stations and tourist beach shops around the United States.

Day 2 we tried to find a few more hiking spots before heading on to Chattanooga, our next destination.  The first hike we tried to find was called High Shoals Falls trail.  We used google maps to try and find the trailhead and lets just say it took us on a journey.  First we ended up in some strange little neighborhood with no real way out and no way to get to the hike.  Then we found a different route that took us to the hiawasee river.  Apparently it is not uncommon for cars to have to cross said river to get to this hike.  My little Honda Accord was not up for the challenge so we had to give up and turn around!

After our failed attempt we DID find our second hike at Anna Ruby Falls.  This was part of a large state park and the path was completely paved up to the falls.  The downside to this one was that it was an extremely steep hike there making this pregnant lady wish for a back to hop on!  The falls were pretty but we definitely enjoyed our hike from the previous day much more.


We found another German hot spot for lunch before driving out to Tennessee.  We event got a German donut on the house and left with a pretzel to snack on in the car!

Along the route to Chattanooga we had mapped a few additional hikes to check out. ¬†The first being Helton Creek Falls. ¬†After following google maps along a very rough and tough dirt road, low and behold, we came across another river to cross. ¬†The jeep that was ahead of us would have no trouble crossing the creek bed but again, my poor Honda was not up to the task. ¬†We realized at that point we should have done a little more research when choosing these trails to find as this was apparently a thing. ¬†And maybe I should have brought Britton’s Jeep on the trip despite being more comfortable on the road in my Honda!


We went through Cherokee National Forest on our way to Chattanooga and were lucky to find one more hike for us to complete. ¬†I had to drive up a mountain side which is at times frightening as I am quite afraid of heights but I am glad we made it to the top so we could enjoy another beautiful hike. ¬†We made our way to Benton Falls trailhead and we were both excited to be out of the car and stretching our legs. ¬†The hike itself was an easy one and not very beautiful compared to Raven Cliff. ¬†But once we made it to the falls, I didn’t care much about the hike. ¬†It was beautiful. ¬†By far, the most beautiful waterfall we had seen. ¬†It was absolutely breathtaking and I am so glad we found another hike we could manage to get to!

That evening we found a hole in the wall BBQ place to grab food to bring back to the hotel. We also found a biscuit place where we picked up some additional sides for our dinner.  We were both pooped and decided on an evening in, pampering ourselves and watching movies.  It was the perfect last evening together.

Day 3 we woke up as early as we could following the time change and got our butts out and on to Ruby Falls for our last activity of the weekend.  I have been there before but I always enjoy the cave tour and underground waterfall so I was excited to go back.  We enjoyed the cool weather underground and enjoyed the stories from our tour guide.

We hoped back in the car to make our way back to Atlanta.  We made a pit stop at some outlets for my sis as that type of shopping experience is hard to come by in the big city.

As we pulled back into the airport chaos I was sad to see the weekend come to a close. ¬†This would be the last Sisser weekend before I become a mom. ¬†Trips like this have become a ritual for us as we try to get together at least twice a year. ¬†It started in Boston for my “bachelorette” weekend. ¬†I’ve been to see her about once a year in New York. ¬†And last year we did a trip in Connecticut. ¬†I know that we will still plan trips and have fun sisser time but come July, I will also always be a mom. ¬†I’m so glad to have my supportive sisser around when I need her and I hope as my life changes, our relationship continues to grow. ¬†‚̧ you sisser!


Coming July 2016

1 Mar

This has been a hard secret to keep from all of my social media and blogging friends but its finally time to make the big announcement!  Britton and I are so happy to announce that our family of two will become a family of three this coming July!

We’ve been saying for about 2 years we wanted to grow our family but it wasn’t until late summer, early fall I was ready to take the plunge. ¬†The story of finding out is kind of a funny one as I just had a hunch about it and took a pregnancy test while Britton was away in the Dominican Republic for business. ¬†The night I took my first test he did not even call as he was out late with business partners. ¬†I was shocked and, quite frankly, questioning our readiness, the moment I saw the word “pregnant” on the test so I¬†called a friend for a second test and then my sister to ball my eyes out as I knew from that moment on life would change forever.

The next day I was meeting Britton in Tallahassee for the FSU homecoming game so I planned a little surprise to tell him the big news.  When he got into Tally late that night I handed him a card and as he read the words he was just as shocked as I was at the news that we were pregnant.

We told my parents at Thanksgiving time, my dad with a sweet “Best Grandpa Ever” mug and for mom we added a high chair to the Thanksgiving dinner table while we all bowed our heads for prayer. ¬†Both were ecstatic as I am the first to be a parent in my family and they’re both ready to be grandparents. Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking ahead and didn’t get a video or even pictures of the moment.

Fast forward to our 8th week of pregnancy when we first got a chance to see our little chocolate chip and hear the heartbeat. ¬†I ¬†honestly still didn’t believe it was real despite the overwhelming nausea and consistent food aversion I had been experiencing.


We really wanted to tell Britton’s parents until we saw them face to face which meant we had to wait until after Christmas when we were up celebrating the holidays with the whole Wall clan. ¬†We DID think ahead and got video of their reveal and surprise surprise, Janet, was a little confused as so many other grand kids are on the way that she thought the “best grandma and grandpa” onsies must have been for one of the other new coming babies.

As I moved along through the first trimester my worst symptoms were nausea, food aversion and overwhelming exhaustion which lead to frequent naps and a necessary 9 hours of sleep a night. ¬†When I came to the second trimester I hoped to start feeling like me old self again. ¬†I did lose the nausea and for the most part I wasn’t having the same amount of food aversion (although sometimes it sneaks up on me) but I still feel pretty tired all the time.

We decided to have the Harmony genetic test done to make sure Baby Wall was healthy in there as some genetic disorders run in my family.  A few weeks ago we got the results back from the test that the baby is perfectly healthy in there which was a huge relief for me.   The Harmony test also shows the genetically the gender of our baby so we went ahead and did a small reveal party so we along with our parents and friends could find out the gender all together.  A nurse gave the results to my friend T so she could make us a cake but no one else there knew the results.  It was pretty fun!

We are so excited and feel so blessed to begin this new chapter (long chapter) in our lives. Baby Boy Wall will be joining us around July 24th and we can’t wait to meet him! ¬†Thanks Lizzie for our awesome photos!

Gender Reveal

Friday I’m In Love

30 Oct

Happy Friday Y’all!

This week has been mostly stressful for me.  Deadlines and missed deadlines were the story of my life!  But despite that, I have found many things to fall in love with!



Wall Family vacations. ¬†We were so lucky last weekend to have our Wall clan in town for a long weekend. ¬†Friday night we played simulator games at Deweys in Dr. Phillips. ¬†We spent the whole day Saturday at Disney (literally 8:30 am – 12 am with a nap break somewhere in the middle). ¬†Sunday we were lazy watching football and checking out downtown Winter Garden. ¬†We loved having house guests and can’t wait for the next round!



Tervis tumblers. ¬†I like my water cold. Always. And these cups just do the trick for me. ¬†I have been pounding water this week while I try to stick to above, said, deadlines and these trusty water cups have been by my side through it all. ¬†I’ve been collecting them for years, so I can’t say this is a new love but its one worth sharing for sure. ¬†My favorites right now are the large ones with the lids. ¬†I even bought some of their straws for easy drinking. Perfection!


Amazon Same¬†Day Shipping. HAS COME TO ORLANDO! WHAT?! Technically I don’t live in Orlando so imagine my surprise when a comb I ordered¬†one night this week arrived¬†the next day! Oh man. It really is exciting. ¬†I heard about it last weekend in this article but did not realize I was in the lucky radius of same day shipment!


Eden Family Love Fest. ¬†That’s what we call Eden get togethers. ¬†Almost the whole family was in town this week and Wednesday night my dad hosted everyone for a big family dinner. ¬†Uncles from both sides of the continent made it down for the week and we had so much fun. ¬†It was the first time I had seen some of my family since our wedding in 2012. ¬†We had so much fun catching up and possibly planned a cousins 8k mud run in December that I’m pretty pumped about!


Jury is out on whether or not we are going to the Taylor Swift concert tomorrow night in Tampa. ¬†I SO want to go but I also SO want to be at home to watch trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood. ¬†So we have our tickets up on stub hub until tomorrow morning but I’ve been crushing on her album this week in preparation. ¬†Love this song, and the video TO DEATH!

What are you in love with this awesome Friday?

Friday I’m In Love (Sioux City Edition)

16 Oct

Happy Friday!¬† So this week I have had the pleasure of spending time in Sioux City at my second home.¬† I didn’t realize how much I missed it here until I walked off the plane!¬† So this weeks FIIL will be dedicated to my Sioux City family.



The beautiful planes of the Midwest.  When I first moved out to South Dakota I was not as impressed by the vastness of the planes as I became.  You can drive for MANY miles and not see so much as a gas station and a farm in the distance.  Its breathtaking.  I snapped this shot from the porch at my in laws house.  Just in awe.



Chubby babies and their mommies.¬† Since I’ve been gone, my bestie, Lacy, had a beautiful baby boy.¬† He is 4 months old and weighs 21 POUNDS! He’s a monster but an adorable monster!¬† I got to meet Hudson before going out to dinner with his mom.¬† I love those friends that you can pick up right where you left off even though months have past since you last saw each other.¬† We sipped sangria, ate chimichangas and talked all about where we are in life today.¬† It was a great night and I can’t wait for a repeat!



The letter F.¬† Yea so, I realized last night that it was the perfect exhibit of the letter F.¬† The fireplace, watching football, sitting with my family playing farkle with a freeze warning up on the TV screen.¬† It doesn’t get more cozy than that!¬† Tonight we add to our F and we get to spend some quality time with our friends.¬† Can’t wait!

I’ve been enjoying my time in Sioux City so much that I convinced Britton to push our flights back by a day just to get a few extra hours with his family.¬† I hope all my friends out there enjoy this Friday, I know I will.

Friday I’m In Love (NYC Edition)

11 Sep

Last week I was gallivanting through New York City on Friday with my sister so the last thing on my mind was getting a post out there!¬† But here’s to a Happy Friday!


Kristen NYC

My AMAZING SISTER!¬† I got to spend 4 days with her last weekend and we had a total blast!¬† And she is pretty amazing!¬† She planned so much for us in this weekend I walked over 100,000 steps in 3 days! INSANITY!¬† More on my trip later but this girl… she is pretty awesome.



The subway.  I can understand why many people are on the opposite side of this argument.  Its dirty, they smell, it was hot as hades down in the subway last weekend. But, on the other side of things.  Its an inexpensive way to travel.  You get to see lots of interesting people and when you pop up from a subway station you are in a whole new part of town with all new sites and sounds!  I love it!

#3911 Museum

The 9/11 Memorial Museum.¬† I can’t go through this post today and not take a moment of silence.¬† I was truly in awe last Friday as I walked through the memorial museum.¬† All of my feelings and thoughts were captured on the walls and in the restored wreckage.

Now, I’m linking up with some of my fellow Friday I’m In Lovers.¬† Be sure to check them out!

Kendra, Misha, Mary Beth, Amanda, Aileen

Have a great weekend!

you, me and karl the fog

26 Aug

Back to our travel log.¬† Britton and decided to extend our vacation after Tahoe and check out the sites and sounds of San Francisco.¬† On our way there we decided to take a pit stop outside the city and stay a night in San Rafael.¬† We drove for 3+ hours and couldn’t wait to see what Muir Woods had in store for us.¬† As we got close to Muir Woods so did the fog, karl the fog that is.¬† It made me nervous 1. because the winding roads that lead to the national park was mostly covered in a dense fog and 2. I was afraid it would make for a gloomy experience in Muir Woods.¬† Regarding point #1, it was terrifying so my nervousness was completely warranted.¬† I think I kept my eyes closed while britton navigated the switchbacks.¬† Regarding point #2, no need to worry. Our walk through the forest of unbelievably tall trees was AMAZING! I could share my hundred photos with you but that would make this post incredibly long so I will refrain for your sake.

IMG_2790 IMG_2799 IMG_2835 IMG_2833Following the woods, we made our way to the Muir Beach.  It was overcast but there were still plenty of people out there enjoying the sound of the waves along the rocky shoreline.  It really was beautiful!

IMG_2830 IMG_2834The next morning we were up early and ready to make our way into the city.  We had to drive all the way down to the airport to drop off our car before we could explore the city.  It was the only time we crossed the golden gate bridge and sadly, karl was there as well.

IMG_2851Once we made it to the airport and back to the hotel we set out to conquer my to do list which was extensive.  We started out at pier 39 and I wanted to say hello to those friendly sea lions!

IMG_2855We stopped at Boudin’s for lunch as it was highly recommended.¬† The grilled cheese was FANTASTIC!

IMG_2856Next on the list was a jaunt over to Lombard Street which was absolutely packed with tourists.  I knew it would be busy but whatever route we took to get there was almost completely people-less so I was shocked when we got there.  It was so pretty though with the hydrangeas blooming in front of every house.  I would NOT want to live there but it was quite beautiful!

IMG_2864 IMG_2872Next, we realized we were not dressed for the weather as I was expecting it to be much cooler so we made the trek back to our hotel so we could freshen up, relax our feet and change into some more comfortable clothing.  On our way there we walked through Chinatown and stopped in a few shops.

IMG_2868After we had cooled off a bit we headed back towards the pier as I was desperate to check out the Ferry Building Marketplace. OMG. I was in love. Can I just live in this market forever?  Food, wine, shops. It was perfection!

IMG_2873After the market we decided to take a serious walk up to a bakery that I had seen on a list of “things to eat before you die” and we were going to enjoy the Russian Honey Cake from 20th Century Cafe.¬† The place was perfect.¬† Another moment where I was just like “can I live in this bakery forever?”

IMG_2880We headed back to the hotel after our late afternoon snack to rest up before dinner.¬† I had made reservations months ago at a place called Wayfare Tavern.¬† The restaurant had an old timey, upper class, southern feel and the food was right on par.¬† It was delicious.¬† I ordered the fried chicken and we shared sides of creamed corn (with popcorn on top!) and potatoes.¬† The meal was decadent and we never could have finished it without having to be rolled out of the restaurant!¬† But it was amazing and if I’m ever back in San Francisco I know I will be going back!

IMG_2887 IMG_2890OMG this post is already 663 words long and I’ve included WAY too many photos!¬† I think the second half of this trip will have to wait for another day ūüôā¬† Hope you’ve enjoyed being on our journey in San Fransisco, I know I’ve enjoyed reliving it!