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Friday I’m in Love

11 Mar

Hi friends!  So excited for this weekend!  I’m already in Georgia with my baby sis for a weekend getaway 🙂



I am so in love with the paint color in the nursery. OMG he is a lucky baby 🙂  More information to come on the redo of that bedroom but right now I am crushing hard on mint condition.



Last Sunday Target released a new line of baby clothes called Oh Joy!  I went to the stores to find it in person only to find out they’re only selling it online.  I will admit, I went a little crazy because the stuff was adorable!  I think I bought one of everything!  I think my package is arriving today but at least I can share their info with everyone else with kiddos. It’s pretty amazing.


Have you heard about Magic in North America?  I am pretty darn in love with Harry Potter, JK Rowling, and the Pottermore franchise.  This news was exciting to me.  Can’t wait to read more!



Last but not least I am so in love with my new orange tree.  I grew up with orange trees in my back yard and I love that I can have one in the backyard for my kids.  Britton and I even had some muddy fun planting this baby!

Can’t wait to share more about my trip this weekend and the nursery so stay tuned for some more good stuff!


Chalk Paint Redo

27 Oct

Hello friends!  A few weeks ago I took on a small project to see how I liked the whole chalk paint craze… I’m In!

I bought a few pieces of furniture a few years back from Brittons grandpa when he moved to Franklin, TN.  I have a soft spot for vintage furniture and probably would have taken more of his stuff if I had had the space back then.  But instead I took only a kitchen table and a side table, both from my father in laws childhood days.  I redid the cushions on the dining room chairs years ago and it was finally time to redo the side table too.


To start, I had to pick a paint color that I liked.  For a few weeks I was spending a lot of time at Adjectives Market in Altamonte and it gave me a chance to decide on a color.  We have blues in our living room with some accents of grey and coral.  I decided on Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey for the side table and purchased a small can of the clear wax.  I had plenty of brushes at home so luckily I didn’t have to purchase those too.

The side table had some water damage from spilled waters and condensation so I started by lightly sandpapering the table to even out some of the damaged spots.


The next step was to paint the piece with the Paris Grey Paint.  I decided to do 2 coats to ensure it was well covered.  One of the great things about this paint is that it dries pretty fast.  I waited about 30 minutes between my two coats.  I had some trouble painting the lower shelf of the side table mostly because the handle of the paint brush was too long!


After the paint dried I coated the side table with clear wax that I applied with an old hand towel.  The wax, unlike the paint, takes a little more time to set.  Before I set the side table back in its corner, I let it sit out for 24 hours before putting it back in it’s place.


I really didn’t know what to do about the gold handle so I found some craft paint and painted it white.  I’m still searching for a handle that’s a little more interesting but this will do for now!


I’m totally in love with the new and improved side table.  And it was so easy that I can’t wait to paint some more furniture!  Have you chalk painted any old furniture?  I’m trying to decide what to do next 🙂

A Coat of Paint

21 Sep

It’s amazing to me how something so simple can change a house so much!  When we first saw our house online, I didn’t mind the colors on the walls.  They went well with the previous owners furniture.  After I lived here for 2 minutes, I hated them.  We noticed early on that the color on the walls was much like… baby poop.  And it all looked the same from the hallway to the dining room to the living room.  But once we started patching small holes and trying to match the paint they left us, we realized, the living room was a few shades darker, baby poop with a hint of olives.  The color did not AT ALL go with our decor or the look we have going.

We did a lot of painting in our last house.  We had white in our living room, yellow pretty much everywhere else, we even had the honor of completely repainting the exterior of our old house (oh so fun…) and this house I wanted to be different.  I loved our yellow walls and even have yellow in the master bedroom of this new house, but I wanted a change from my tried and true.  So it took me months to decide on a color palette.  Every time we were at Lowes or Home Depot I would grab a hundred more paint chips and drag them around the house.

Finally I did some research to see what colors looked good with big red cabinets (I have two red cabinets, one of which is the focal point in our dining room).  All signs pointed to a shade of blue.  And so I picked up some samples of some of my favorites and got to work.

We painted the living room first, on a Sunday, and my dad came over to help me and Britton.  This was the easiest space to complete and having done the living room, i didn’t feel pressure to do anything else just yet.  I could let it sit for a while without the house looking like a complete mess.  I knew that once I moved around the walls of that room, we would have to get it all done and fast!

IMG_2552Once I left my job to pursue a new one I ended up with a few weeks of free time.  It seemed to be the perfect opportunity for me to knock out an overhaul in our house and that’s just what I did!  I posted a few times in my Friday I’m In Love posts how much I love our new paint, one coat is all our ugly, poop brown walls needed and it was perfect for me to be able to do on my own.  We went from drab to fab in a week and I only needed minimal help from Britton to get it completed.

Entrance hallway before and afterIMG_0596

20150805_214219833_iOSDining room and red cabinet before and after

IMG_0471IMG_3718Wine cabinet and kitchen before and after


Bedroom hallway before and after

IMG_1150IMG_3719It was a lot of work but SO worth it.  Just days after painting it I felt like this was how our house should have always been.  As though I hadn’t just spent HOURS making it that way!  I love it!

Friday I’m In Love

7 Aug

Last week I was on vacation in California.  I’ve got a LOT to share on that amazing trip.  So we will start with a snip it.


rubicon 2Lake Tahoe. Go visit.  That’s all there is.


muir woodsMuir Woods.  We stopped by a little national forest called Muir Woods on our way to San Francisco last Wednesday.  The Redwoods in that forest were just amazing.  I would love to spend more time there and in more national forests across the nation with such amazing history and wildlife.


AC guysOnce we were back we were back at home we had to deal with a lovely broken AC and we called AC Guys.  THANK YOU!  They had a new unit in place within 48 hours of us being home.  What would we have done without them? It was up to 92% humidity in our house when we got home! WOW!


languid blueSherwin Williams Super paint. This was actually on my last Friday I’m In Love Post because its just that awesome.

Once the air was working again in the house I got to work painting the interior of our home.  We started a few weekends ago by painting the living room.  I can say now, I have painted the dining room, hallways, kitchen and most of our living spaces Languid Blue.  It took one coat of super paint to cover up our nasty brown walls.  Its a good feeling to see a job well done without spending days doing multiple coats of paints.


Amazon Prime has the George Ezra album on prime and I’ve been listening to it and dancing to it while I paint the house this week. i LOVE him. Awesome music.

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KendraMisha, Mary Beth, Amanda, Aileen

I’m already working on my travel post from our adventures last week so stay tuned for joining us on that amazing journey!

Laundry Room Remodel

3 Aug

The new house was built in 2003 and had a pretty basic and boring laundry room.  I would argue it was the most dysfunctional laundry room I’ve ever had and I’ve lived in a LOT of crappy apartments!  We also had to purchase a washer and dryer so it made sense that we would update the whole space.

0174f62c3785a5b2c8944f2445a0ef77755549fe5eI wanted to paint, hang shelves and hang a rack for hang dry.  We had picked a lovely shade of blue for britton’s office and it really was perfect for the laundry room as well.  We purchased a white washer/dryer set and with the blue paint it really made the white pop.

laundry blueWe got kitchen cabinets to hang in the space to create more storage for this lackluster laundry room and britton did all the hanging.  We also got a bar to go under the shorter cabinet to increase our space for hanging.  We also hung this rack from ikea opposite the washer and dryer.

all done laundryThe laundry room was also where we store our pet food and it was becoming a hastle to have two storage containers just sitting on the floor.  Luckily, ikea also has interesting storage options for shoes.  I took that idea and turned it into a hanging food storage cabinet.  Perfect!

food storageWe love how our laundry room turned out.  So much storage for such a small space!

What laundry room hacks have you tried?

Friday I’m In Love

24 Jul

This has been a WHIRLWIND of a week!  Thank goodness for Friday!  And a Friday for me that includes a flight out of town 🙂



PAINT! We painted our living room last weekend and it is AMAZING what a coat of paint can do to a home.  I like to tell people our walls are an olivey poop shade of brown but so far we’ve changed that awful aura and I’m in love.  I’m also in love with Sherwin Williams Super Paint which was on sale last weekend, making it the perfect time to buy paint for the inside of the house.  ONE COAT is all it took to cover up that awful brown! Once the whole house is updated with paint I’ll share more.



Did I tell you all that I’m into essential oils yet?  Young Living is my brand of choice.  This week I am totally digging my Essential Rewards delivery.  I’ve been using RutaVala at night to help me sleep and Orange in the morning to wake up!  Are you interested in learning more about essential oils?  Jot a note down below and I’d be happy to share more!



Do you remember that awesome husband I was telling you about last week?  Well this week he made me crab rangoons.  I had a craving and his are better than anyone else’s.  Paired with our crab rangoons we had some kalbi steak tips and broccoli.  It was a great meal.


I’ve been having a flash back week for music and started listening to my Capital Cities record on Wednesday.  What a great pick me up on my way to the office!  I have a 45 minute commute and this song just makes me dance around!


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KendraMisha, Mary Beth, Amanda, Aileen



28 Jun

In our guest room we were in need of more storage.  Doesn’t everyone need more storage??  So Britton found some small dressers for us to turn into night stands for the bedroom to provide more functionality to an otherwise dull piece of furniture.

RAST 3 Drawer Chest

The furniture was unfinished from ikea and to match the decor of the room we decided to stain it.  I started the project when Britton was out of town and had some pretty grand plans.  I think it’s important to note, I did all the work on this project on my own.

I wanted to jazz up the pieces and discard the plain wooden handles that came with it and add some fun handles instead.  I purchased different knobs for each drawer.  I did some searching for knobs.  We are big fans (mostly me) of Adjectives Market in Altamonte Springs and I had noticed the last few times that they were selling odds and ends from another local store called Hinge.  Hinge is a vintage hardware store and let me tell you, I was in love from the moment I walked through the doors.  I’m an old soul and love antiques and vintage finds.  This store blew me away!  I found a set of four yellow knobs that started the process for my knob search.

I found two other sets of knobs on etsy stores, Shabbrustic Chic and diychicgirl, one set was also vintage and another was new but had an old feel like glass.  Once I had all my supplies I got to work.


To prep the furniture, I laid all the pieces out on the porch outside and sanded them a little to make the surface smooth for staining.  The next step was to prep the wood with the pre stain.  This sits for only about 30 minutes before it is ready for the stain.  We used the Miniwax Water Based stain in slate.

My first drawer face was tricky…  In the directions it says the stain should stay on for 1 to 5 minutes.  It was nearly impossible to wipe any stain off after even a minute so drawer face number one is darker than the rest, but I learned from my mistake.  My goal was to have the natural wood grain bleed through the stain so I didn’t want it to be a solid grey stain.

IMG_0912The rest of the pieces went perfectly, I would slather the stain on and wipe it off almost immediately to give it a slight stain of the grey color.  After all the pieces were finished I waited 3 hours to apply a finishing top coat.  I opted for the spray can style top coat for easy and quick application.  I applied two layers of the top coat to ensure that it was properly coated.

The following day, after the furniture had dried sufficiently I put the pieces together.  I have a strange love of putting furniture together and this was even more fun because I knew I had made it the beautiful pieces that they became.  It was especially exciting, once they were all put together, to add the specialized knobs to each drawer.


The finished product in our guest room was perfect and I couldn’t be happier with our first Ikea hack!