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Babymoon <3

23 May

The last weekend in April Britton and I decided to go on a babymoon.  Originally we wanted to go to Charleston and Savannah but given my extra pregnancy weight and changing body we decided it would probably be too much to be walking around those cities for a long weekend.  So we opted for a more laid back location and booked a trip to Key West.

Due to some meetings in Gainesville that Friday we ended up driving only part of the way to the Keys and spent the first night in Miami.  I also didn’t want us doing the drive in the dark as I love the sites of Florida along that route.

Saturday morning, we were up early enough to do a little driving through Coral Gables before heading on our journey through the Florida Keys.  We also made a pit stop at Robert is Here for some milkshakes and entertainment!


Its pretty standard to hit a ton of traffic when leaving the mainland of Florida and this trip was no exception.  Nothing bothered me though because I knew we were headed to paradise.


Our first night in Key West we had to hit up Mallory Square for the chaos and to watch the sunset.  I had made reservations for dinner for after sunset and we had a lovely date night on the front porch of an old historic home refurbished into a restaurant called Bagatelle.  I could have eaten there every night but Britton held me back!


On Sunday morning we headed back into town and checked out the southernmost point and strolled the quiet streets of historic key west.  I love all the wild chickens you see roaming the streets!



That afternoon we did a 3 hour kayak tour through the mangroves of the Florida Keys.  This was an AMAZING experience.  At first I wanted us to just rent kayaks and go on our own, but I am so glad we didn’t do that.  I was in heaven as our guide literally wove us through the mangroves to big salt ponds with all kinds of fish and sea creatures below us. I even got to hold a jelly called a Cassiopea!


After kayaks we got ready and headed back to Historic Key West for a quick bite to eat before hopping on a ghost trolly tour.  I’m kind of a fan of learning about the eerie history of old historic towns so these tours are always first on my to do list!  We got to see the most haunted doll, called Robert the Doll in an old museum and learned about some of the Key West hauntings.  We had a blast but didn’t site any ghosts!

Our first evening and full day in Key West was so eventful it makes sense to me to share the rest in a second post.  We had so much fun and I can’t wait to share the rest!

Weekend Reminiscing

19 Nov

Last weekend Britton and I headed up to Tallahassee for the Florida State Homecoming game.  I went to FSU 2003-2005 for my Freshman and Sophomore years of college but then decided to transfer home to Rollins for the last two years.  While I had a great time at FSU, I was feeling lost at such a big university and so I made the decision to move.  I loved my time at FSU and will always be a Seminoles fan but it had been almost 10 years since I was up there and thats way too long!

When we first moved back down to Florida we had grand intentions of attending multiple home games up in Tallahassee.  Fall got away from us and we were lucky to even be able to fit this one weekend in.  I had hoped to be up there by parade time on Friday but Britton’s travel schedule threw off the plan and I ended up driving the four hours up there by myself and met Britton up there late on Friday night while he traveled from the Dominican Republic for our weekend getaway.

I was super excited to be able to go up because I was able to spend the weekend with an old family friend that is in the process of selling his house and moving down south.  Friday night was super chill as I attended a law school function with our friends before heading out for sushi. Britton didn’t make it into Tally until after midnight so it was good to have some friends to hang out with.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early.  Unfortunately the homecoming game started at 12:30 so we didn’t have a lot of time before the game to do much but I did make sure we were there early enough to walk through campus so I could show Britton all my favorite spots from 11 years ago.


After roaming the campus we headed into the game.  It was alumni day so it was really cool to see all the graduated band members, cheerleaders, and majorettes out on the field as well.  The game had a rough start but luckily we pulled out a win.


After the game we met up with some of my sorority friends and spent a little time at a new bar/club called Recess.  Much of the campus has changed since I was last there and the club/bar scene is insane compared to what it used to be.  I decided I was a little old for the crowd so we left after an hour or so but it was nice to catch up with some friends.

I wanted to do a little more walking around the campus before I was ready to head back to the house.  We made our way to the iconic Westcott Fountain.


And then walked a little further to see the Delta Zeta wall.


There are definitely moments where I wish I had stayed at FSU for the course of college but other times I know I made the right decision.  I had a blast reminiscing on campus and I hope next year we can go up more than once!

Karl, We Love You <3

16 Sep

Back to our vacation in San Francisco.

On our third day of vacation we were up early and headed straight to Lands End for a morning of climbing.  We were staying on the opposite side of San Francisco so we had an uber pick us up and take us over there.  I’m not sure if he really knew where we needed to be but he dropped us off and we made our way into the park.  The views were incredible.  Despite Karl, the fog if you recall, being an ever present being while we were in San Francisco, he made for some beautiful views.  Once we made it out to the shoreline, which was a ways up from the water, we could see across the bay.  We had the Golden Gate Bridge to the right and the pacific ocean to the left.  It was amazing.



20150731_172929309_iOS 20150731_175649951_iOS20150731_175330481_iOSWe spent a lot of time walking the trails of the park.  A lot of time climbing up mountainous terrain.  Once we had our fill of the sites of Lands End we started making our way south west to find the entrance to Golden Gate Park.  Along our journey we came across the Sutro Baths and some amazing cliff views.

20150731_185258147_iOSAs we walked further around the coast and towards the park we came across a large stretch of beach.  Despite the overcast weather, there were a lot of people milling about and what looked like a volleyball camp full of kids learning to play.  As a beach girls myself, i loved the sites and sounds of the morning beach goers.

20150731_190824795_iOS 20150731_191028687_iOS 20150731_191512644_iOSAs we got closer to the park we were greeted by two huge windmills that were built in the early 1900’s.  It was a beautiful sight to see in the big city.

20150731_192141957_iOSFor anyone that doesn’t know about Golden Gate Park, its designed much like Central Park in New York City.  But this one, is 200+ acres LARGER than Central Park!  Why don’t we hear more about it?

20150731_195602561_iOSWe walked the entire length of the park and came across some amazing gardens along the way.  We even came across a wedding!  Nestled deep within the park are amazing attractions such as the Japanese Tea Garden, The California Academy of Science and the Conservatory of Flowers, just to name a few.  I wanted to get to all of them but sadly, there was just not enough time in the day.  We did make it to the tea garden and the science center which were both amazing!  We could have planned an entire day in the Golden Gate Park but there was just too much to see!  Oh, and we had to pop out of the park about mid way through to get a donut the size of my forearm.  It was listed on the 50 Things to Eat in San Francisco Before You Die 🙂


On top of the Science Academy

20150731_212016190_iOS 20150731_234825855_iOS 20150731_235205845_iOSOn our way out of the park I forced Britton to walk through the Haight Ashbury district.  It was an experience to say the least.  I found San Francisco to be one of the dirtiest major cities that I’ve visited and historic Haight Ashbury district was among the dirtiest.  And the people that roamed the streets left much to be desired.

20150801_002157299_iOSWe took a cab back to the hotel from the Haight and got ready for our second amazing meal.  We headed to Marlowe and had to have their famous burger.  This was another place on the 50 things to eat list.  We indulged in some hand crafted cocktails and some amazing food that night.  It was wonderful!

20150801_034511405_iOS 20150801_044614000_iOSOn Saturday morning we had a quick list of things to do before heading to the airport to catch out plane.  I HAD to see the Palace of Fine Arts before heading home.  The palace was built in 1915 for the Panama Pacific Exposition.  It was not built to last but instead rebuilt in the 60’s and is now a treasure for San Franciscans.

20150801_161409412_iOS 20150801_161150475_iOSOn our walk back to the hotel we took an alternative route to bring us by Ghiradelli Square.  I wasn’t too impressed probably because it was the follow up to the Palace but we did enjoy some grub at a diner in the square and watched some people swimming out in the bay.

We had an amazing time out west and I hope we can go back some day!

you, me and karl the fog

26 Aug

Back to our travel log.  Britton and decided to extend our vacation after Tahoe and check out the sites and sounds of San Francisco.  On our way there we decided to take a pit stop outside the city and stay a night in San Rafael.  We drove for 3+ hours and couldn’t wait to see what Muir Woods had in store for us.  As we got close to Muir Woods so did the fog, karl the fog that is.  It made me nervous 1. because the winding roads that lead to the national park was mostly covered in a dense fog and 2. I was afraid it would make for a gloomy experience in Muir Woods.  Regarding point #1, it was terrifying so my nervousness was completely warranted.  I think I kept my eyes closed while britton navigated the switchbacks.  Regarding point #2, no need to worry. Our walk through the forest of unbelievably tall trees was AMAZING! I could share my hundred photos with you but that would make this post incredibly long so I will refrain for your sake.

IMG_2790 IMG_2799 IMG_2835 IMG_2833Following the woods, we made our way to the Muir Beach.  It was overcast but there were still plenty of people out there enjoying the sound of the waves along the rocky shoreline.  It really was beautiful!

IMG_2830 IMG_2834The next morning we were up early and ready to make our way into the city.  We had to drive all the way down to the airport to drop off our car before we could explore the city.  It was the only time we crossed the golden gate bridge and sadly, karl was there as well.

IMG_2851Once we made it to the airport and back to the hotel we set out to conquer my to do list which was extensive.  We started out at pier 39 and I wanted to say hello to those friendly sea lions!

IMG_2855We stopped at Boudin’s for lunch as it was highly recommended.  The grilled cheese was FANTASTIC!

IMG_2856Next on the list was a jaunt over to Lombard Street which was absolutely packed with tourists.  I knew it would be busy but whatever route we took to get there was almost completely people-less so I was shocked when we got there.  It was so pretty though with the hydrangeas blooming in front of every house.  I would NOT want to live there but it was quite beautiful!

IMG_2864 IMG_2872Next, we realized we were not dressed for the weather as I was expecting it to be much cooler so we made the trek back to our hotel so we could freshen up, relax our feet and change into some more comfortable clothing.  On our way there we walked through Chinatown and stopped in a few shops.

IMG_2868After we had cooled off a bit we headed back towards the pier as I was desperate to check out the Ferry Building Marketplace. OMG. I was in love. Can I just live in this market forever?  Food, wine, shops. It was perfection!

IMG_2873After the market we decided to take a serious walk up to a bakery that I had seen on a list of “things to eat before you die” and we were going to enjoy the Russian Honey Cake from 20th Century Cafe.  The place was perfect.  Another moment where I was just like “can I live in this bakery forever?”

IMG_2880We headed back to the hotel after our late afternoon snack to rest up before dinner.  I had made reservations months ago at a place called Wayfare Tavern.  The restaurant had an old timey, upper class, southern feel and the food was right on par.  It was delicious.  I ordered the fried chicken and we shared sides of creamed corn (with popcorn on top!) and potatoes.  The meal was decadent and we never could have finished it without having to be rolled out of the restaurant!  But it was amazing and if I’m ever back in San Francisco I know I will be going back!

IMG_2887 IMG_2890OMG this post is already 663 words long and I’ve included WAY too many photos!  I think the second half of this trip will have to wait for another day 🙂  Hope you’ve enjoyed being on our journey in San Fransisco, I know I’ve enjoyed reliving it!

walls take tahoe

10 Aug

This summer we took a Wall family vacation with Brittons family.  We chose Lake Tahoe and rented a house on the north west side of the lake.  As a family we decided that each couple would plan a day of the trip because no one ever likes to make a decision so leaving activities to the last minute would leave us all pretty paralyzed!

Britton and I went after work (my last day at my job before beginning a new one) and made it to the lake at about midnight.  It was a long day for us but so worth the trip! Check out that view first thing in the morning!

View from Emerald HouseDay 1 was Janet and Greg’s day and they decided to rent a boat.  We took the boat around the west side of the lake towards Emerald Bay.  The crystal clear water in the lake was so blue it made me feel like we were in the ocean!  So gorgeous!  Emerald Bay was probably my favorite spot on all of Lake Tahoe and we saw it from every angle.  Once we stopped in Emerald Bay, the boys were adventurous and decided to swim from the boat to an island in the middle.  The water in Lake Tahoe is somewhere between 60 and 70 degrees F and it was pretty dang cold that day.  When my two sister in laws decided to join them I hesitated but decided at the last minute that I couldn’t miss out on this adventure.  Once we made it to the rocky shore we came up with our motto for the week, say yes to adventure!

swim emerald bayEmerald Bay from boat us on Emerald Bay

Day 2 was Megan and Jordan’s day and they made tee times at Squaw Creek for late in the afternoon.  That left us with some exploring time that morning!  Jordan, Megan, Britton and I went for an awesome walk through the neighborhood before joining the rest of the family for breakfast in town.  On any open lot there were signs stating that we were on national park land.  HUGE trees towered above us and some had fallen or been chopped down.

Redwood on the treeGolf was beautiful as we climbed through the mountains for a few of the holes.  I didn’t play but the ladies stuck together and I was the official photographer.  As the sun went down we all got cold and by hole 15 I think we were all ready to be done!  Gorgeous day!

golf trail golf courseDat 3 was for Ciana and Jeff to plan and they took us on a real adventure along the Rubicon Trail.  The hike was a path along Lake Tahoe’s south west shore line, mountains and all.  The beginning of the hike was the most steep section of the whole hike.  We walked over 7 miles that day through the mountainous terrain and time and time again saw the breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe.  The water on the lake is so amazing.  You would think we were someplace on the shores of the pacific ocean.  The water is blue and more clear than any water I have seen ever.

rubicon 3 Rubicon 1 rubicon 2rubicon familyAt the end of the hike we landed at the Vikingsholm house.  We took the tour and were amazed at the construction and the history of the area.  Check it out on their website!vikingsholm outsidevikingsholmvikingsholm roomDay 4 was finally our turn to plan the day!  We had a great day planned to go kayaking on the east side of the lake.  We woke up early and headed toward that side of the lake which took about 45 minutes.  When we arrived we discovered they had cancelled all kayaking and water sports for the day due to HIGH WINDS! WHAT?! How did this happen.  Our backup plan was to drive south to a hot springs that turned out to be less cool than we had hoped.  We didn’t even get any good photos of the sketchy-ness that was Grover Hot Springs.

The redeeming factor for our day was that we had an opportunity to drive around the south side of the lake and made some great dinner reservations at an awesome restaurant.  We even got a family photo!

familyThe following day the eight of us went separate ways heading home to families and kids.  Britton and I extended the trip and headed west to San Francisco but more on that another day.  What a great family vacation!

Friday I’m In Love

7 Aug

Last week I was on vacation in California.  I’ve got a LOT to share on that amazing trip.  So we will start with a snip it.


rubicon 2Lake Tahoe. Go visit.  That’s all there is.


muir woodsMuir Woods.  We stopped by a little national forest called Muir Woods on our way to San Francisco last Wednesday.  The Redwoods in that forest were just amazing.  I would love to spend more time there and in more national forests across the nation with such amazing history and wildlife.


AC guysOnce we were back we were back at home we had to deal with a lovely broken AC and we called AC Guys.  THANK YOU!  They had a new unit in place within 48 hours of us being home.  What would we have done without them? It was up to 92% humidity in our house when we got home! WOW!


languid blueSherwin Williams Super paint. This was actually on my last Friday I’m In Love Post because its just that awesome.

Once the air was working again in the house I got to work painting the interior of our home.  We started a few weekends ago by painting the living room.  I can say now, I have painted the dining room, hallways, kitchen and most of our living spaces Languid Blue.  It took one coat of super paint to cover up our nasty brown walls.  Its a good feeling to see a job well done without spending days doing multiple coats of paints.


Amazon Prime has the George Ezra album on prime and I’ve been listening to it and dancing to it while I paint the house this week. i LOVE him. Awesome music.

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KendraMisha, Mary Beth, Amanda, Aileen

I’m already working on my travel post from our adventures last week so stay tuned for joining us on that amazing journey!

Friday I’m In Love

17 Jul

Happy Friday friends!  I had another post all set to send this week and it got derailed.  Hopefully early next week it will be up!



Last week I was able to order 101 photos for FREE on Shutterfly!  All I had to pay for was the shipping.  WOOHOO!  Thanks for having such great deals!



On Wednesday we went out with some friends to Drink around the Hood around Lake Ivanhoe.  We had a lot of fun and met some new people!  We will definitely be doing it again!  This photo captured a very interesting art piece we came across along our walk.  It’s reclaimed wood made into the shape of a tree!


If you don’t watch Nashville you are MISSING OUT!  These two are my favorite and I’ve been listening to them a lot this week!  Which leads me into…


Bride and Groom 007

I think it’s easy to forget sometimes how lucky we have it.  When the day gets long and tough it’s easy to want to give up on having that positive outlook.  This Friday and every day I am thankful for my wonderful husband.  He is my rock and my sanity.  I don’t say it enough but it’s the truth.  So today, and every day, I am so in love with Britton!

What are you loving this week?  Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday I’m In Love

26 Jun

Happy Friday!  I’m both excited and sad about the upcoming weekend.  Britton is away for both business and pleasure this weekend which leaves me with an empty house.  While I’m sad that he is away (and going to a family members wedding today) I am excited about having the house to myself!  So much can get done when you have a weekend of free time!

On to my loves for this week.

#1 Meet + Make


Although this event happened last week, it wasn’t on the list because it happened Friday night.  I got to attend my second Meet + Make put on by Sarah Hearts and her team.  The last time we painted glasses and this time it was a wood piece of art.  Although I’m not all that creative I am the kind of straight forward person that puts together a design and gets it done quickly 🙂 I had a blast with this one and enjoyed the company of my mother, some old friends and some new!

#2 Central Florida Summer Skies


If anyone follows my Instagram account you know how obsessed I am with weather.  I probably post at least a picture of weather twice a week.  I have a long commute to work but I realized this week just how beautiful that commute is on my way home every evening.  Taking the 414 to the 429 every day I get sprawling views of Central Florida and, lately, the beautiful weather clouds rolling in. I really should have been a meteorologist!

#3 Grace

Britton and I have spent our marriage church shopping.  We found one that we loved in Iowa but had to start over when we moved to Florida.  We only went to two different ones but fell in love at first site with Grace in Winter Garden.  We’ve made friends there and are really starting to be part of the community too.  It feels good to find our home.

#4 Be Our Guest

IMG_2275 IMG_2274

We’ve been Annual Pass Holders to Disney since I moved down at the end of December and I’ve been waiting for this meal since then. The new Be Our Guest restaurant and attraction has been booked solid since we moved.  I finally made a last minute reservation a few months ago only for Britton to get sick that day forcing us to cancel.  So when I found an open reservation for a 4:35 pm dinner on a Sunday I snatched it up so fast your head would spin.  And it did NOT disappoint!  The inside of the “castle” brought me back to my childhood Saturday mornings watching Beauty and the Beast on the couch with my sister.  It was amazing.  Even the food was amazing!  I will definitely be going back if I can ever get another reservation 🙂

How about you?  What are you crazy about on this fabulous Friday?


Part 2 (Finally) Adventures in the Caribbean

5 Jun

I’ve started a new job since the last post which has put me on an unimaginable roller coaster

So back to it… On Sunday of our Puerto Rican adventure we booked a trip that was supposed to take us on a boat ride to a smaller island called Culebra.  Unfortunately, due to bad weather off the coast that increased the surf, the catamaran trip had to be altered.  Instead we took the boat out to a smaller, uninhabited island and had planned to do some snorkeling off the coast.  The morning was beautiful and it made for a perfect day out on the water.


We did not bring our camera that day so I won’t be able to share my usual highlights in picture form but take my word for it, the day was beautiful.  We went out to the small island after a somewhat rough we made it to the small island where we ended up staying the whole day.  We played in the water most of the day and really enjoyed just a day on the water.  The surf was too rough to do any snorkeling so instead we just lounged on the boat of floated in the water.  It was a beautifully relaxing day.

On our way back to the main island we went through a bit of rainy weather.  Britton and I were champs though and stayed on the front of the catamaran to take in all the beauty of the day.

When we got back to the hotel we decided to try a little local restaurant for dinner.  It had great ratings and was an adorable little place.  We had so much fun walking there and walking back.


On Monday morning, Britton was off to work again but I had the day to do some exploring.  I walked into Old San Juan and walked probably every street before the day was over.  I explored busy thoroughfares and quaint little one way streets.  I did not make it inside the fort but I saw the outside and walked along the old roads just outside the walls. I roamed the streets for hours alone so if you get bored by my pictures just skip ahead!


Pelican of Old San Juan Lady of Old San Juan

Streets of Old San JuanAlong my walk I came upon the most beautiful cemetary I have ever seen situated right on the ocean. Cementerio Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis.  As I walked through the headstones I couldn’t help but take glances of the names and dates of those buried there.



Along my walk back to the hotel I was also impressed with the beauty of the different parks and buildings along the way.  We had walked the same route the night before in the dark and in the daylight I was enamored with the beauty that surrounded me while I was in Puerto Rico.

Part 2 10 ParksHopefully this will not be our last trip to PR.  The whole trip was amazing and I can’t wait to go back!

Adventure in the Caribbean

21 Apr

At the end of February I was still living the life of a home maker (which, is still the case) and had the opportunity to join my husband, Britton, in Puerto Rico while he was down there for business.  When his two week business trip was put on the books I was anxious to find a way to join him and having no obligations to speak of, it was the perfect time to have that vacation.

The night I arrived we went out with his coworker and some of the Businessmen they have been working with.  They took us to a little area in San Juan called La Placita.  It was a Thursday night and the area was thumping with the happy hour crowd.  People were drinking their Medella beers and Don Q rum throughout the streets.  As the name implies, it was a Puerto Rican block party and we had a blast.  We waited about an hour for seats in a hidden gem of a restaurant, Jose Enrique, and got to see the nightlife as we roamed the streets stopping for drinks along the way.

Our first meal in Puerto Rico set me on the path for a weekend of indulging in some of the best food I’ve ever eaten.  At Jose Enrique I had some fresh grouper but Britton’s meal was the true winner at the table.  He had a whole snapper, fried, and it was the most beautiful plate I’d ever seen AND the most delicious fish I have ever eaten.

IMG_0131The next morning we were up early and headed into Old San Juan for some Mallorcas.  They are a traditional Puerto Rican pastry sort of like a more yeasty beignet.

IMG_0974Afterward I headed to the beach to soak up some rays.  Britton’s business partners gave us the 411 on the best beaches so I had to check out 7 seas beach in Fajardo.  The beach had beautiful white sands and warm crystal clear water.  It was the perfect way to spend my morning.


I had the great pleasure of eating lunch with Britton and his colleagues in Fajardo and we ate at a little place in one of the marinas in the area.  My second true Puerto Rican meal did not disappoint!  Another round of fresh fish for us all and I got to try mofongo.  Its probably my new favorite thing.  Along with tostones.  Anything with green or sweet plantains has become the food items I dream about!

IMG_0973After the beach Britton and I spent some time at the pool at our hotel.  We had a beautiful view that night from the top floor of the hotel and watched as some storms pulled across the island.


Saturday morning was another early one for us all as we headed into the rainforest for some hiking.  I brought my camera along with me this time and wow…  Everything we saw was truly spectacular.  Our first hike was smaller and lead to a waterfall.  We did not come prepared in our bathing suits so we didn’t join in the fun but we did watch and get some awesome photos.

DSC_0064 DSC_0095 DSC_0109Our second hike was a little more strenuous up to Mount Britton.  We had to do that hike because it took us almost to the top of the mountains in the forest and gave us the best views of all of the island.  The weather was iffy that day and we didn’t have a lot of rain gear.  Lucky for me I did bring a rain jacket mostly to make sure the camera would stay dry.  Along the second hike came the heavy rain and about the last half mile of the hike, the rainforest lived up to its name and we were stuck in a torrential down pour with no shelter to speak of.  But it was worth it.  We got up to the tower and couldn’t see much through the very heavy cloud cover.  But once it cleared it took our breath away.

DSC_0115 DSC_0124 DSC_0134 DSC_0154After the rainforest we headed down to Luquillo and checked out a spot with a line of street restaurants and shops.  I always have to make sure we are stopping at the best place to eat so we walked the whole line of kiosks s before returning to the first restaurant we saw to sit down for a late lunch.  I had the shrimp mofongo and OMG it was out of this world.  Are you seeing a trend here?  Go to Puerto Rico for the best food EVER!


Man, I have a lot of food to talk about!  You’d think that was all we did! And we DID do a lot of it.  Which brings me to Saturday night.  We had a customer dinner planned with the folks from Trafon which is the distributor that Britton is working with down there.  This was a special night as everyone brought their spouses and we went out to one of the nicest restaurants probably on the entire island.  It was called, Meat Market San Juan and it’s located in El San Juan hotel (which is also one of the most amazing, old hotels in San Juan.)  This was a night of pure indulgence as we all sipped cocktails, tried half the menu and shared stories about work, life and family.  The work family in Puerto Rico is unlike any other Britton has come across working across the US.  They really did treat us like family and it was an awesome experience.


To be continued…