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Raynor Turns 1

25 Jul

I’ve been gone. It’s been a while. I just can’t ever find the time to write anymore as a full time, stay at home, mommy. But I want to get some thoughts out about our first year with Raynor and his milestones so here we go!

Last week, July 20th, Raynor turned 1 year old! I seriously can’t even believe it’s been that long! While it feels like yesterday and also a lifetime ago that our sweet boy entered our lives. He has accomplished SO MUCH in the first 12 months of life and I know every month that passes he will become an even more amazing and independent little boy!


1 year milestones:

  • Sleeps through the night, approximately 9-11 hours, I broke my own rules and nurse him before bed but he sleeps so I don’t even care ūüôā
  • He’s only taking 1 nap a day (around lunch time) but he stays asleep for between 1.5 and 2.5 hours
  • He eats almost anything I put in front of him (hates avocado) and still does a mix of pureed fruits and vegetables as well as finger foods. I love that he will still eat puree so I can hide more nutritious foods in there.

Raynor eating

  • He has 6 teeth and is always chewing on his hands.
  • He is in mostly 9-12 month clothes but can still fit into 6-9 month rompers and even has a swimsuit he wears thats 3-6! He’s still nice and tiny!
  • He loves the water! We did 2 sessions of swim classes before coming ot the beach for the month and we practice his skills almost every day in preparation for his 3rd session of swim classes in September. He kicks like the 2 year olds in his class and is learning to “dig” his hands to the wall as well. Surprisngly, he LOVES to go under water and doesn’t fight us at all when we do it!


  • It’s amazing to me how little fear he has around strangers. He loves all our friends and will go them with little hesitation.
  • He LOVES to play with balls. He will throw the ball and put it in a basket if theres one close by. He lights up when he sees his favorite ball
  • Raynor loves music. He will dance to the music when his musical toys are on. We sing bedtime stories to him everynight and when he’s upset in the car we know just what albums to play to help him calm down.

  • After some trial and error we are back in our cloth diapers. We had some issues with properly washing them which turned me off cloth for about a month while we figured it out but I’ve decided to be less strict about diapering and will switch between cloth and Seventh Generation diapers.
  • He isn’t saying any words yet but loves to babble. His favorite is “dadadadadada” or “bubububububu”
  • Raynor is always laughing and he really is the happiest baby I’ve ever met!
  • We reached a major milestone just in the last week when he began to walk! I know that within the next week his walk will be a run and I can’t wait to chase him EVERYWHERE!

We love you sweet boy and can’t wait to see what new adventures you bring in the next 12 months!

Raynor’s Half Birthday

20 Jan

Today we are celebrating Raynor’s half birthday! I can not BELIEVE we are already at 6 months! I’m not ready! He has accomplished a lot in the last 6 months and it is truly amazing to watch him grow. Every day I am in awe at what he can accomplish!


His Milestones:

  • Can sleep in his own bed with only minimal interaction. Although he won’t sleep all night, we feel good about him sleeping in his own room.
  • Started eating oatmeal cereal around 5 1/2 months. He enjoys it for breakfast and dinner which we started this week.
  • He is in 3-6 month onsies, 6-9 month pj’s and pants (mostly due to his larger behind from our cloth diapers).
  • Raynor enjoys being outside. He rides on a 3 in 1 trike around the neighborhood with us pushing him. He also enjoys being in our Lillebaby carrier.


  • Raynor loves his grandparents and lights up when he sees all of them whether in person or on facetime.
  • Raynor can play and reach for toys and loves his crinkle book ¬†and a light up wand from the $1 of target the most.
  • His doorway jumper is his favorite place to be if he isn’t in the arms of either me or Britton.


  • He almost always falls asleep in the car.
  • Raynor reaches for things Britton and I have in our hands, like our phones, and tries to put everything in his mouth.
  • He can sit up on his own but prefers to stand with support.
  • We’ve already traveled to Iowa twice to see family and he is a great traveler!


  • Raynor loves to be thrown up in the air and enjoys BIG movement. I think he will be a thrill seeker!
  • He is beginning to recognize when we are not with him and cries for us to be near.
  • Raynor only naps for 30 minutes at a time despite our best efforts to keep him asleep longer during the day.
  • We love our BumGenius diapers most and travel with honest diapers when we need some disposables.
  • He loves to talk and can copy us when we make funny sounds.
  • Raynor is super ticklish and we love to listen to his sweet laugh!

We don’t have his 6 month check up for another 2 weeks so I can’t give an update on size but this kid is growing like a weed and its both exciting and sad at the same time. ¬†I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in the next 6 months!


Friday I’m In Love

14 Oct

So I can’t guarantee that I will get a post up every Friday but since I’m on a roll, I figured I’d get back in the game!



I could not possibly start my FIIL posts without sharing the thing I love most in the world. Raynor is the light of my life and I’m so blessed to be his¬†mommy!



Now that I have a little one I’m sure there will be lots to share about the things I am loving. About a month ago, we started cloth diapering. ¬†I am in love with our bum genius pocket diapers. ¬†I’m a weirdo and have always found laundry to be the most relaxing household chore. And let me tell you, I love doing our diaper laundry! His bum is so cute in all these adorable diapers!


Right now we are totally crushing on the Halo SleepSack. Little one is a wiggler for sure and trying to get him swaddled in one of our many many muslins is a chore. So from the beginning we have opted for the swaddle sacks. ¬†I like this one the best because it allows him more leg room than some of the others we have. It’s also super soft and has multiple ways it can be worn! So as he grows and changes, it can grow and change with him!



Have you heard of LuLaRoe yet? I am absolutely obsessed and this pair of leggings is my new favorite addition to my closet. These leggings are by far the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn. And the print?! IN LOVE! I WILL be hosting an online popup with my dear friends Carly and Jessica so stay tuned for more information.

Have a great weekend folks!


July 20, 2016

12 Oct

I’ve had a hard time starting up my blogging again since our baby was born 12 weeks ago today. But while he takes a nap today I decided I wanted to get going again. Not everyone will be interested in this post as it is the story of our sons birth. Life’s a little different these days and right now I just want to document what speaks to me.

This story actually starts the day before, July 19, 2016. In the last month or so of pregnancy I began heading to my regular OBGYN appointments and coming out worried about my increasing blood pressure. ¬†At my appointment on July 15th the doctors decided to send me to the Florida Hospital triage center to check for preeclampsia. ¬†After spending the afternoon in triage, they send me home as my blood pressure stabilized and I showed no other symptoms of preeclampsia. ¬†But I didn’t feel good. So every day that weekend I had my blood pressure checked and sure enough, it stayed high and kept me worrying.

So Monday I called our doctors office and was able to schedule an appointment for Tuesday for a blood pressure check.  As I suspected, it was still high (the numbers at this point have left my brain but they were in the 140/100 range). They went ahead and sent me back to triage.  Instead of going through the same battery of tests as they had the Friday before, after monitoring my blood pressure for an hour, they went ahead and admitted me to have the baby.

My worst fears before going into labor was having to be induced because I have heard so many stories of friends being induced and being in labor for 24 hours or more. I had a whole labor plan, I was going to walk around, dance with Britton, bounce on a ball, take a show.  I spent some time doing those things. I bounced on an exercise ball for almost two hours as Britton and I watched TV and movies.  Mom brought us dinner as I was able to eat until I got an epidural.  Everything was going relatively smoothly.  On top of the high blood pressure I also had group B strep during pregnancy, that while totally normal in a woman, can be fatal if passed to the baby during delivery. While they were pumping me with fluids and meds for induction, they were also pumping antibiotics into my body every 4 hours. That was the most uncomfortable part of the beginning of my labor experience. All in all, the first few hours were uneventful. I felt pretty good.  Only minor pain from contractions and I was feeling pretty good.

In the middle of the night the contractions started to get steadier and more painful. I asked my nurse if I could take a shower to relax… That’s when I learned that my birth plan went right out the window the moment I was admitted with high blood pressure. I had no idea that the monitors I was hooked up to meant I could not do most of the things I had hoped to do to help me through the labor pains. I was bed bound. And I didn’t event know it! So when things got bad at around 3 am, and I couldn’t take the contraction pains any longer, I went ahead and got the epidural that I was putting off. ¬†I didn’t want to be bed bound so I didn’t start with any pain relievers. ¬†But now I knew, there was no point in going through the pain if I was bed bound anyway.

The epidural allowed me to get some sleep so we did that until the bright sun was shining in our room.  The morning through the early afternoon during labor was very uneventful. What really sucked was no eating or drinking. At about 3 pm the doctor on call went ahead and broke my water as labor was progressing relatively slowly. At that point I started to get antsy.  We are talking, 24 hours into my labor experience. My nurse reconfigured my bed so that I would be sitting almost upright to help move the baby down the birth canal. At about 6 pm is when I started to lose my mind. There was a pinch in my right hip that made me begin to feel contractions on that side. I was hungry and thirsty and no amount of popsicles or ice chips were going to satisfy me. I had my first ever panic attack.

Britton did his best to calm me down but we called the nurse and she hooked me up to oxygen so I could catch my breath.  She moved my bed back into a lying down position and although I was exhausted, I was feeling a little better.  Sitting upright for a few hours DID help move the baby into position.  After my panic attack things seemed to speed up and by 10 pm we were ready to go.

We didn’t realize it until I began to push that our baby boy was facing sideways and had his head cocked in the canal. ¬†He was stuck. ¬†I spent half an hour pushing in the traditional lying on your back position before the nurses and the doctor made the decision to start having me flip from side to side to move him into position. ¬†I spent 15 minutes pushing on my left side and 15 minutes pushing on my right side. And then we were ready. They moved me back to my back and in my first push baby boy was in the arms of my doctor and soon on my chest!


After 33 hours of labor, Raynor Eden Wall was born at 11:03 pm on July 20, 2016. He weighed 6 lbs 10 oz, 20 inches long, and absolutely perfect!

I had a hard labor. It took 33 hours (and I tore in 4 places!!) But I wouldn’t change it for the world. We brought into this world the most amazing little boy and we can’t wait to see who he becomes!